Mount & Blade: Warband

Version 1.150 Changelog:
– In multiplayer, Khergit troop stats have been rebalanced to make them more viable.
– Maximum number of players in a multiplayer match has been changed to 200.
– Usernames in multiplayer games can now have special characters.
– Random rain and fog amounts have been removed in multiplayer. All players now see the same weather.
– Lots of new operations, flags and trigger types have been added for the benefit of modders.
– New parameters have been added to module.ini for modders, including new order system usage and crouching.
– Support for game controllers has been improved.
– Troop AI for selecting alternative weapon mode has been added.
– Troop AI blunt weapon usage has been fixed.
– Troop AI for distant targeting has been fixed.
– In multiplayer server filtering, “Compatible with version” checkbox has been renamed as “Compatible with module” and now it checks for both module and its version.
– Core resource files and shader files have been made modifiable.
– Face generator system now supports multiple meshes to apply deforms.
– Volume and priority have been balanced for sounds.
– Playing sounds from hard drive option has been added for module system.
– Memory usage for resources and navigation meshes have been reduced.
– Network data priority values have been updated.
– Several crash-to-desktop bug fixes.
– Minor translation fixes.
– Various other bug fixes.

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