Left 4 Dead 2 Update

Today’s update includes fixes that will be coming to the Xbox 360 in a future update.

Dead Center:
The Hotel:
– Made dropping between the top two floors much more difficult.

The Atrium:
-Survivors should no longer be able to jump onto the vending machines near the start of the map, as AI infected could not see or path to this area.
-Blocked Survivors being able to stand on the map placard, as this was a spot where infected could not path to.

Dark Carnival:
The Highway:
-Survivors should no longer be able to jump on top the truck near the ending saferoom, as AI infected are unable to attack survivors there.

The Fairgrounds:
-Survivors can no longer climb on top of an early set of generator lights.
-Made dumpster near the first warehouse session into a static prop to prevent grief blocking map progress.
-The forklift near the entrance to the building leading to the silly slide has been removed.
-Blocked survivors being able to stand on a maintenance structure near the back wall by the carousel, as AI infected were unable to see survivors if they zombie-hopped their way up there.
-Blocked top of the back wall next to above for the same reason.
-Blocked a hop up on a light post base where survivors in VS could glitch their way to 100% map completion.

The Coaster:
-Blocked access to a stuck spot behind some stairs in the swan maintenance room.
-Blocked survivors being able to jump on the shelf next to the stuck spot. Infected were unable to see survivors standing there.
-Blocked being able to climb into the shelved swan in maintenance, as infected could not see survivors that were there. Additionally, it is very difficult to get out of it this swan once you’re in.
-Blocked access to the top of the truck just outside of the coaster area for survivors.
-Blocked survivors from jumping on to several electric box props shortly before the coaster event, which could be used as invincible spots.
-Blocked a method of climbing and skipping the roller coaster event start.

The Barns:
-Blocked survivors being able to be knocked into the infected-only trash area next to the covered picnic area near the start. Players knocked over this fence could not make it back.

The Concert:
-Blocked survivor access to the windows above the concert to remove an invincible spot.

Plank Country:
-Added a bunch of dock props to break up a pair of invincible spots at the ferry panic event.

The Swamp:
-Skipping the airplane event should now be much more difficult.

The Sugar Mill:
-Blocked a hop-up onto some pipe-work that allowed survivors to skip the conveyor belt section.
-Blocked access to a very tiny ledge opposite the elevator at the holdout event, which was an invinicble spot.

Mill Escape:
-Blocked survivors being able to jump onto the roofs near the start which allowed them to avoid the sugar cane field altogether.

Town Escape:
-Added a props to block access to a table in the restaurant, which was an invincible spot.
-Blocked survivors being able to climb on top of the generator, another invincible spot.
-Removed an invincible spot off the dock.

The Waterfront:
-Added a few props for infected to climb out from a garden area behind a wall, which had previously been inescapable.

The Park:
-Blocked survivors from jumping on to the generator and the tops of the metal fences just after the park area, removing an invincible spot.
-Blocked access to an out-of-map exploit area which was reachable by climbing an electrical box prop.

The Cemetery:
-Blocked survivors getting on top of the white trucks near the end of the alarmed car lot, as these were invincible spots.
-Blocked survivors from jumping the fence from the shed into inescapable infected-only territory following the bridge explosion.
-Blocked players following the highway to the end of the map, which led to a spot where players could get under the map.

The Quarter:
-Blocked being able to hop back up a one-way drop following the pool hall.
-Blocked survivor access to the landing exiting the parade float event zone until the event itself has been started.
-Blocked player infected from perching in a high window in the ending safe room, which could prevent a VS round from ending.

The Riverbank:
-Block infected ghost players in VS from getting under the map by crossing the bridge at the start.
-Block infected from leaving map bounds by going beyond the first area, and slipping past the water kill brush.
-Block survivors jumping the fence just after the first interior, allowing them to leave the map bounds.
-Block an out-of-map exploit near the wedding party area.
-Block an infected out-of-map exploit near the safe room.

The Port:
-Survivors will no longer be able to stand on the indoor generator and access rooftop areas.

The Port:
-Survivors will no longer be able to stand on the indoor generator and access the rooftop areas.

The Apartments:
-Adjusted player blocker for the corner drop safe-landing at the start to be slightly larger.
-Added blockers to both air conditioning units near the start to prevent survivors from using them to skip the apartments.

Cut-Throat Creek:
-Fixed a stuck spot in the rocks above the river tank fight.

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