Vessel Update Released

Vessel v1.06
– Added a keyconfig option. Open ‘keyconfig.ini’ in the Vessel folder using a text editor to customize the keys.
– Fixed a problem with the ending not displaying the correct result (an important asset could go missing in certain circumstances)
– Removed some exploits for getting extra protoplasm
– Fixed a crash in the orchard level at the end of chapter 2 when loading a save game
– Fixed an exploit on the first orchard puzzle
– Added a missing wall allowing an exploit in factory chaser puzzle
– Altered a factory puzzle that was too easy if you got the chaser seed then backtracked.
– Fixed a wall you could fall through off a ladder in factory
– Fixed an elevator not working well if you recall from the top in factory
– Can no longer grab the big tree
– Can no longer grab seed jar bubbles out of the samplers
– Damage screen was showing at bad times
– Player emotes during intro now when door closes
– ‘Finishing the Accelerator’ journal entry now appears even if you don’t go up and look at the chalkboard immediately.
– Fixed a crash in the factory when using seeds by the spinning fan puzzle

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