New Steam Workshop Feature: Collections

Announcing Workshop Collections, a new way to discover, organize, and share content in the Steam Workshop. With Collections, anyone can create a customized list of Workshop items for others to discover, rate, and subscribe.

Help expose the talent and craftsmanship found across the Steam Workshop by creating collections of mods or items that you feel work well together or to highlight content you think other people should pay attention to. Numerous artists and fans have already created quite a few collections of the incredible items submitted to the Workshop for Team Fortress 2. And PC Gamer was eager to jump in and put together a couple collections for Skyrim, highlighting their favorite Improvements and New Content.

PC Gamer also recently posted a nice write up detailing the forthcoming Portal 2 puzzle creator and integration with the Steam Workshop. When the Portal 2 beta concludes, and the world can begin happily creating their own test chambers, you’ll be able to use collections to create playlists of Portal 2 maps that you think are awesome or that should be played in a certain order.

Visit the Steam Workshop for Team Fortress 2 or Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and check out the collections that fans and authors are already creating, or put your own together.

Be sure to join the Official Steam Workshop Community Group for the latest news and announcements.

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