Gotham City Impostors Update

New Map:
– 25th Floor: This new map lets you fight Impostors in an increasingly dilapidated skyscraper, towering over Gotham City. Afraid of heights? You can run inside defunct offices of the Gotham Times to make sure you don’t fall off the edge!

New Loadout Items:
– Falcon Blade: Semi-automatic handgun. Perfect in a pinch because of how fast you can switch to it! Also comes with new mods: Hollow Point Ammo and Full Auto Conversion!
– Kingmaker: This lovingly crafted replica katana cuts down enemies like bamboo saplings… if you can get close enough to use it. It can also block most damage when used defensively!
– Toxic Gas: This new Support Item leaves a cloud of nigh-invisible, noxious vapors in your wake. Enemies who pass through the cloud will be damaged and impaired.
– Nimble Fingers Fun Fact: Lets you attach and detach batteries quicker in Psych Warfare and capture Gasblasters faster in Fumigation!
– Ninja Voice: You can now unlock a new character voice for the Bats and Jokerz – the Ninja! “You can never escape… the ninja!â€�

New Costume Items:
– Office Costume: Dress your Impostor from head-to-toe in this business-themed costume set. Includes unique pieces for every costume slot for both Bats and Jokerz!
– Ninja Costume: Dress your Impostor from head-to-toe in this ninja-themed costume set. Includes unique pieces for every costume slot for both Bats and Jokerz!
– Luchadore Costume: Dress your Impostor from head-to-toe in this luchador-themed costume set. Includes unique pieces for every costume slot for both Bats and Jokerz!
– Crime Tackler: A football helmet cowl to add to your Bats Impostors repertoire!
– New T-Shirts: The Billboard Bat and Shameless Plug torso options are available to sport GCI pride in-game!

New Premium Items:
– Calling Card Pack #3: A bottle-cap themed set that includes Caped Cola, Sinister Suds, and more!

Misc Changes:
– Added Join In Progress Matchmaking functionality.
– Added Push To Talk functionality.
– Added ability to create private parties.
– Added Legendary Feats of Prowess that unlock at level 101.
– Improved mouse support in front end menus Party PDA.
– Improved high latency tolerance.
– Games will now start with 6 players instead of 8.
– Games will auto-forfeit if an entire team disconnects.
– Games will automatically kick players that are inactive for a period of time.
– Fixed an issue with objects in Amusement Mile / Ace Chemical consuming excessive bandwidth.
– Fixed long load times when connections cannot be made to web services.
– Fixed incorrect scoreboard in the end of game stats.
– Fixed arrows incorrectly sticking in players.
– Fixed issues with leaderboard reporting.
– Fixed issues with muting players would sometimes not actually mute.
– Fixed an issue with promoting causing issues with custom costume slots.
– Fixed a crash when reading layer files.
– Fixed a crash in FX while playing Fumigation.
– Fixed a crash when unplugging headphones/speakers during the Initiation cinematic.
– Fixed a bug where the wrong announcer message would play when an enemy attacked a neutral Fumigation point.
– Fixed an issue with party leaders being seperated from the party members after idling in the Matchmaking lobby for 7-10 minutes.
– Fixed an issue where the game would go to a black screen when resolution was swapped to lower than the native resolution on the machine.
– Fixed a performance hitch when interacting with refill stations.

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