Follow Your Favorite Workshop Authors

Whether you are a fan of Team Fortress 2 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim, you’ve probably discovered some of the countless talented authors in the Steam Workshop and wished that you could keep track of the new stuff they are creating. Well, now you can! For any item, you can click “View all shared files� to see what else the author has created, and then choose to follow that author. Following someone in the Workshop will let you easily discover the latest items and mods that they create, which is accessible through the “Followed Authors� filter on the right side of the Workshop. If you’re just getting started with the Workshop, let us point out a few of the more than 5,000+ authors that have been busy contributing.

On the Team Fortress 2 side, [WDZ] The Ronin and [HoV] Psyke have been busily collaborating on dozens of items, including this sweet hat, which you might recognize as the Brown Bomber. Meanwhile, Svdl has been involved in the creation of over 70 items and seen his items One-Man Army, Snapped Pupil, and Your Worst Nightmare become available in the game. Plus, following will let us see if Tex ever submits a follow up to the successful neck-wear Crocodile Smile.

A few of the authors in the Skyrim Workshop that we’re excited to see more from include, LtMattmoo, Cliffworms, and Arthmoor. LtMattmoo has been busy making mods to improve horses, armor, and giving you the ability to camp out under the stars. Meanwhile Cliffworms has been at the mixing board, fine-tuning the audio across the dungeons and wilderness of Skyrim. We’re definitely looking forward to his upcoming Civilization and Special Events modules. And Arthmoor has given us the ability to ride horses right into cities and to start a new life to experience Skyrim all over again.

In other news, it’s been a little over three weeks since the Workshop for Skyrim was unveiled and gamers could start subscribing to mods directly through Steam. In that time, gamers have collectively subscribed to mods an astonishing 5,566,006 times and counting. It’s incredible to see so many talented individuals and teams sharing their passion with the community.

Other recent additions and updates to the Workshop:

  • There is now an ‘author’ tag next to comments where a workshop author is replying to comments left on their page.
  • The information that comes up when you hover over an item in browse view now includes whether you are subscribed and if any friends have added that item to their favorites.
  • There are new filter options in the right column to see your friends’ favorites as well as your own favorites and subscribed files.
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