CrimeCraft Update Released

CrimeCraft Spring Update Released.

Here is the list of main changes:

* Now Steam players can trade with each other on Steam web site without entering the game.
* To trade an item a player has to put it in a special “Steam� tab in the ATM – this will make that item available on Steam web site. All Steam players will have this tab in their ATM now.

* Featured Troll face and Rage face masks are availble on Black Market now.
* Visit “Custom Clothing” section of Black Market to customize your current mask or glasses.

* Now all damage calculations are done in fractions.
* Now players can see their teammates hp in combat.
* Now players can see other players healing, both their teammates and opponents.
* Now players correctly get invincibility after respawn.
* Now players can see the icon of friendly NBR Grenade.
* Fixed the issue when players weren’t able to shoot for several seconds after the spawn.
* Added new combat mode events: Waved Spawn and Classes Only.

* Now players can preview multiple character visual custom options and custom clothing before purchasing them.
* New items added on Black Market, including more gold boosts and ammo, Tier 5 Ingredient Packs, Gear Packs and craft recipes.
* Old Gear Packs now have better quality of boosts, ammo and weapon attachments.
* Now players can spend gold bars to purchase and upgrade their Gang, Gang Hideouts, inventory tabs, craft professions and recipes.

* Added new clothing parameters which reduce shock duration, reduce burn speed, increase ammo count and increase run speed.
* Regenerative Auto-Injector, Direct Injection System, Camouflage Sensor Array, Heartbeat Detector, Shock Grenade and Desensitization abilities stats changed.
* Heartbeat Detector and Regenerative Auto-Injector ability AUGs stats changed.
* Added new ability AUGs for Corrosive Rounds, Desensitization, Direct Injection System, LMG and Rocket Turrets, Second Chance, Ambush Tactics, Blast Helmet, Enhanced Recovery and PED abilities.
* Betadyne Transcenda, Wood, Chemtech RenewX, Chemtech ForceWard, Bess, Niks, JellyJoy, Frenzy and Howl boosts stats changed.
* Raskolnikov PRS, Oslo Ares, Wolf Maus MG14, Silver Smith A2M3, Exeter Arret and Hargan Bulldog weapons stats changed.
* General Grenadier and Street Thug sets rebalanced.
* Classes’ equipment was adjusted based on the latest abilities, boosts and weapons changes for many classes.

* Now players can see their own and other player’s power rating on their signatures.
* Now players can switch the order of abilities and boosts when using classes or doppelganger sets.
* Now players can switch between the class makeup and the makeup they bought on the Black Market.
* Now players can use localized symbols in the Gang Message of the Day and Gang Description.
* Now the Item Shop and Ability Shop remember their settings for each item slot in the Equip window.
* Added the confirmation dialog box when purchasing or upgrading a class, selling items in the Item Shop and selling a gold quality items to an NPC vendor.
* Added the “last online time” column in the Friend List window.
* A lot of UI improvements in the Battle window.

* Now Gunsmith can learn more ability AUG craft recipes from their trainer. Gunsmiths can’t craft WMKs anymore.
* Added more craft recipes in loot and on Black Market: more 5 slot weapon craft recipes, more craft recipes for high level blue quality attachments, recipes for Zymek LifeLine and Betadyne Transcenda boosts and recipes for clothing with new stats.

* Fixed the players respawn logic in Snatch and Grab to avoid situation when players were spawned next to their opponents.
* Fixed grenade collision in multiple areas.
* Fixed some geometry exploits in Core Annihilation.
* Fixed collision issue in Municipality Bank when players were able to hide a flag in the column.
* Fixed player spawns in Center Street Station Riot and Shootout, Belly Street and Olympia Mills Lumberyard Snatch and Grab.
* Now capture progress correctly starts when exiting camouflage mode directly on the zone in Capture the Zone and Capture the Zone One Point.
* Fixed the issue that Sudden Death didn’t work correctly on many maps.

* Added the possibility to create Private Matches.
* Now players appear in their Gang Hideout after combat if they enter from the Gang Hideout.
* Added several new missions in lobbies.
* Now lobbies becomes available at level 6 if a player has the full client downloaded and installed.
* Numerous localization improvements.
* A number of other major and minor improvements and bug fixes.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the

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