inMomentum Update Released

inMomentum Changelog 1.04

– Added Ghost feature
– Debugged and re-added Trail feature
– Added Toggle Ghost interface element
– Added Toggle Trail inteface elements
– Fixed Menu not saving the last played map, now it also saves last map played after the game was quit
– Restart Map now does not restart the music track in progress
– Music system now plays a new song when a new map is loaded
– Music system plays all tracks from OST before re-playing any song twice
– Added new map Flux
– Added new map Echo
– Added new map Reflex
– Tutorial segments are now skippable for faster advancement
– Updated multiplayer Lobby System
– Updated multiplayer Level changing
– Added multiplayer “Next Game Voting” feature
– Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity change would crash the game
– Fixed various smaller bugs and leaks regarding the game menu and game controlls
– Fixed screen tearing problems in Fullscreen
– Optimized Fullscreen in Widescreen play

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