Crusader Kings II Update Released

2012-02-17: v1.03b

– Loading a save where you had marked characters of interest or non-interest will no longer crash the game
– Fixed a bug with the de jure modifier not being initialized correctly for most kingdoms and above
– Fixed a tooltip crash in the Realm Tree
– Fixed an issue with long MP game connection times
– Fixed an issue with burgher heirs retaining burgher laws when inheriting a feudal demesne
– Fixed several script errors with the special CoAs in Dynasty CoA Pack DLC
– The texture in the Dynasty CoA Pack DLC now works correctly on all graphics cards
– Children of rulers now automatically get the appropriate claims when you start a new game (they don’t need to be scripted in)
– Fixed the Steam install script so it won’t run every time you start the application
– In order to ask for an invasion CB, you must be at peace and either have a claim on a primary title of the target’s, or have fewer holdings in your realm
– AI will now change tech focus
– Revised reverse demands for CBs to make them more interesting
– Diplo AI: Will not allow matrilineal marriages with unimportant characters
– Diplo AI: Will say no to marriages that would make valuable courtiers (councillors) move
– Diplo AI: Will be reluctant to let skilled courtiers move to marry
– Diplo AI: Will now sometimes grant titles to unlanded courtiers again!
– Diplo AI: Fixed a bug where a completely beaten AI would surrender too easy
– Diplo AI: Muted AI spam about marriages if player already declined offer
– Diplo AI: Will not declare religious wars for overseas territories that de jure belong to an independent duke or king of its own faith
– Invasion AI: Better at not disembarking into an enemy army
– Invasion AI: Optimized prio target selection
– Invasion AI: Fixed an issue with pointless counter-invasions
– Invasion AI: Will now load armies in port when possible, in order to avoid loading armies onto the wrong fleets
– Invasion AI: Should now understand how to target peasant rebels
– Resigning now changes the checksum, so you cannot join an MP game without restarting the game (which would cause an OOS anyway.)
– Boosted the strength of peasant rebel units by 50%
– Fixed a bug with the CB for the Institute Gavelkind plot
– Upped the length of truces to 10 years (from 3)
– Added fractions to the revolt risk in the province view
– Added a monthly law vote check to make sure laws pass when they should
– Fixed a bug with port buildings not giving more galleys
– Fixed a problem with running the game on large TV screens
– Raised mercenary hire costs a little bit
– Flank leader damage bonus changed from 1% to 2% for each point in martial
– Fixed an issue where granting titles would disband troops
– Fixed an issue with a plot where the target would retain his title even when he folded
– Fixed a problem with playing the Earl of Durhamn causing immediate game over
– Ask for ransom interaction can now be initiated with the liege
– Ask to ransom interaction in the diplomacy window now has a proper title when selecting target
– Rebalanced the initial situation between William, Harald and Harold
– Gave Edward III a claim on France so the 100 years war bookmark will work correctly
– Corrected the history of Gevaudan to avoid dead “Serene Doges” of France at startup and make sure it has prince bishops at the end

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