Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Update Released

Updates to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Game Design Issues:
– Changed QUICKMATCH default to competitive de_dust2.
– Added new maps to local match options: de_inferno, de_train, and de_nuke.
– Added new weapons: Nova shotgun, Bizon and MP7 SMGs.
– Created a CT-specific version of the Molotov: the incendiary grenade.
– Reworked starting cash and bonuses in Casual mode.
– Made kill cash awards weapon-specific: AWP pays out $50/kill ($25 in Casual Mode). CQB weapons pay out $900 ($450). The rest pay out the usual $300 ($150).
– Limited total number of grenades that can be carried at one time to three, each of a different type.
– Adjusted stamina penalties for jumping. It should be easier now to jump up to multiple objects in a row without getting exhausted.
– Changed weapon recoil cycle to be controlled by a recoil index which is incremented on each shot.
– Reduced movement penalty greatly when players are hit by friendly fire in casual mode.
– Implemented skill-based matchmaking system.

Map Issues:
– Reduced dust particle effects on de_dust and de_dust2. Initial dust fades out after about 20 seconds.
– Updated the nav mesh on de_Dust to improve bot pathing.
– Corrected the problem with the bomb being plantable below the ledge on bombsite B in de_dust.
– Fixed multiple issues with players being able to get to positions that should be inaccessable or non-visible in de_dust and de_dust2.
– Fixed problem with black lines appearing around helicopter in de_dust when helicopter is shot.
– Fixed several aesthetic issues and reported exploits on de_dust2.

Stat/Achievement Issues:
– Fixed a problem with the fun facts that could cause a claim of more than 100% accuracy for players.
– Fixed a bug that allowed players to earn the ‘Lost and F0wned’ medal while controlling a bot.
– Added FCVAR_CHEAT flag to the bot_kill command so it can’t be used to earn medals
– Updated some medal icons and descriptions to reflect criteria for getting them better.
– Made players who controlled bots during a round ineligible for fun facts.

UI Issues:
– Fixed classic crosshair not showing up in first-person spectator mode.
– Fixed a bug that could cause chat spam when a player changes his/her name.
– Redesigned and repositioned the win panel to allow greater visibility of the game.
– Hid voice status and weapon panel when HUD is hidden.
– Added option in game settings that, when active, closes the buy menu upon purchase of an item.
– Redesigned the buy menu.
– Moved player team ID from crosshair to player.
– Expanded the chat window, making it easier to keep track of chat history.
– Changed the UI font for greater legibility.
– Made the chat lines behave like a Windows edit control.
– Added a scoreboard icon that indicates when a player is in the process of switching teams.
– Made music respond to volume slider.
– Made chat box disappear after ENTER is pressed.
– Fixed the ‘pop’ visible when the main menu appears when playing in 4:3 or 16:10 aspect ratios.
– Added COUCH and DESKTOP play distance options that control hud_scaling and viewmodel_fov convars.
– Fixed problem with not being able to switch from windowed to full screen mode.
– Removed crosshair spreading behavior when wielding the knife, grenades, or bomb.
– Made scoreboard title display correctly above scoreboard in standard def.
– Redesigned front-end screens, layouts, and scoreboard to reflect new look for CS:GO.
– Improved the messaging for when money is awarded or subtracted. HUD now shows additions and subtractions more clearly, and money events are also reported in chat.
– Fixed menus to render correctly in resolutions greater than 1920×1200.
– Fixed a bug in which the scoreboard could occasionally disappear.
– Added player avatars to the choose team screen.
– Fixed problem with UI tint resetting after the choose team screen was opened via the pause menu during a game.
– Fixed EDIT and CLEAR buttons on the settings screen sometimes not appearing correctly.
– Fixed bug in settings with the acceleration amount slider not resetting correctly when defaults are restored.
– Fixed incorrect audio feedback when mousing over empty rows in the settings screens.
– Fixed bug that could occur when binding keys in the settings screens, making it impossible to navigate away from the currently active field.
– Made the EDIT MIC option in the settings snap to the correct area of the controls screen.
– Fixed a case in which throwing a grenade or dropping a weapon and picking up another failed to display the new weapon on the inventory section of the HUD.
– Disabled left and right toggles on spectator UI when there’s no one left to spectate.
– Added a separate icon for the CT-specific knife in the weapon select and death notification text.
– Fixed a bug in which remote players controlling a bot were showing up alive again on the mini-scoreboard instead of showing the bot as alive.
– Restricted team chat to team members only.
– Fixed some problems with the REBUY command that could result in purchasing items other than what you had purchased in the previous round.

Other issues:
– Fixed problem with two different pieces of music playing at the same time over the choose team screen after completion of a match.
– Added three new mixgroups to handle different weapon sound types.
– Restricted the round end warning music cue to playing only when a bomb has not yet been planted. If it’s currently playing, it will stop once the bomb has been planted.
– Added new music cues for domination and revenge.
– Fixed series of bugs in which the wrong weapon was seen during a reload or weapon switch, resulting in odd-looking weapon poses.
– Fixed problem with camera stopping inside of players’ heads during freeze cam.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the spectator camera to be placed halfway through the floor occasionally.
– Fixed excessive console spew.
– Fixed a crash that could happen when selecting a team without Steam running.
– Fixed hang on black screen when players attempt to connect to servers that forbid connection.
– Fixed crash that could happen while changing the video settings.
– Fixed blurry shadows on players who are walking or running.
– Fixed blood so it doesn’t show brightly through the fog.
– Fixed the visors showing through smoke.
– Reduced issues with smoke grenade and fire volumes being visible through thin floors.
– Fixed some of the problems with weapons penetrating character geometry in third person.
– Addressed an issue which caused bots to shoot over players’ heads often. The bots will likely feel more difficult now.
– Fixed aliasing artifacts caused by not using centroid sampling when MSAA is enabled. Some players may need to update their video card drivers in order to see the change.
– Fixed a bug that caused a player to show as alive briefly after being killed while controlling a bot.

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