SOL: Exodus

Build Notes

– Made CoD Elites easier to hit
– Improvements to Hades guns
– Improvements to AI with skill level of Rookie
– Damage effects to the user’s windshield won’t show up until 20% or lower health now, down from 40%
– Fixed issue where the targeting triangles of non-targeted ships could actually be larger than the triangle of the currently targeted ship
– Added Support for 2560×1600 (16:10) and 2048×1152 (16:9) resolutions
– Added Support for very widescreen resolutions being loaded from profile data
– Fix for issue where user ship could spin endlessly in one direction when trying to use mouse and keyboard controls
– Fix for issues related to achievements sometimes being reset when leaving a mission
– Fix for potential crash that could occur when applying video settings when starting up a new level
– Fix for potential crash that could occur on startup
– Expanded the amount of remappable keyboard keys. Now includes: Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Minus, Equals, Left Bracket, Right Bracket, Semicolon, Quote, Comma, Period, Slash, Backslash, Left Control, Right Control

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