Nation Red Update Released

Updates to Nation Red have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

– A new Bridge Barricade map has been added to the on-line coop and local coop maps
– Players can now join on-line games already in progress (Drop-In). You can also start a multiplayer game by yourself and let other players join. Works both with Public and Friends-only games.
– Added a new Stats section, visible when pausing or at the end of a game. Quickly visualize the number of kills/boss kills each player has, most-used weapons, current maximum killstreak, unpicked perk bonuses, etc. In on-line coop, the host can pause the game to compare player stats.
– Now supports up to 3 seperate Auto-Perk lists. For example use List #1 for Barricade games, List #2 for Free Play and List #3 for achievement hunting, etc.
– Now supports unlimited blood. To enable, set the ‘number of blood patches’ slider in the game options to ‘unlimited’. Can be used to cover the entire arena in blood.
– Dynamite powerup now has a much larger damage radius and deals damage to up to 5x more zombies compared to regular grenades.
– Added perk icons (beta). Perks are divided into 7 icon categories: Armor-related perks, Health, Powerup, Scoring, Targeting, Dexterity and Offense perks.
– Moved achievement-tracking display. To track an achievement, go to the in-game achievement list and mouse click on any achievement.
– Player indicator circle now shows health status, ranging from green-yellow-red
– Grenade icon added next to the player grenade indicator
– Now supports loading all game assets from zip files for faster game startup
– Ghost perks in Auto Perk mode now stack quicker.
– Auto Experience perk now gives 2x more Xp
– Added new achievements:
– Pinpoint: In a single Free Play game, survive for 5 minutes without your accuracy dropping below 50% in the new stats section.
– Killstreak One, Two and Three: Reach a killstreak of 1000, 2000 and 3000 (refer to the new stats section). A Killstreak is obtained by zombie kills without receiving any damage.
– Increased visibility of crosshairs. Added a console option ‘cursor2’ to change crosshairs to a different type.
– Snare now operates more smoothly in multiplayer games
– Firestarter now gives Xp when the perk alone kills a zombie
– Several small bug fixes

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