Memoir ’44 Online Update Released

Create, Share and Play your own Battles in Memoir ’44 Online

Dear Memoir ’44 Online Officer:

Now comes the time to show and share your warfare expertise at Memoir ’44 Online!

We have just released a new version of the Memoir ’44 Scenario Editor. This is a stand-alone software that you can download and install on your Mac or PC to design new Memoir ’44 scenarios directly playable in the Online version of the game. Once you have finished creating your own scenario inside the Editor, you can upload it to Memoir ’44 Online, test it in Solo mode and play it privately with your friends. Once you think it is ready for publication and play, you can simply make it public to share it with the rest of the Memoir ’44 Online community of players. Who knows – it might delight the players and you might become famous for the quality of your designs!

Long in development, this new version of the Scenario Editor lets you design scenarios as sophisticated as the official ones. Prepare Air Drops, lay mines, create special Victory Conditions, tweak Terrains effects, etc.

Where can I find the Scenario Editor?

First of all, make sure to purchase the Expert mode, by acquiring one of our “Captain” or “Major” Packs, if you haven’t already done so. This will automatically unlock the Scenario Editor for download directly from your Days of Wonder Online account.
Once this is done, download the editor from this page:

I want to become an Expert too!

Keep in mind that designing good Memoir ’44 Battles using the Scenario Editor is not a trivial undertaking. The Scenario Editor lets you do lots of things; as a side-effect, you might find some of the commands of this tool we are using ourselves a bit arcane. But the rewards are there! Here are a few tips to get started:

– Download and make sure you read the manual that comes with it.
– Also pay particular attention to pages # 21 and 22 of the Memoir ’44 Online manual, which you can download here:
– The Memoir ’44 Online forum is also a fantastic source of help from the community. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice. Some of the very best Memoir ’44 Scenario designers frequently visit and intervene on our forums:
– Last not least: the community is also starting a Wiki to build a knowledge base about the Scenario Editor. This exciting project is just starting, but make sure to check it out (and contribute, if you have something of value!):

New Officer Rank and Achievements
Coinciding with this new release of the Scenario Editor, we are also introducing a new Officer rank – Brigadier General – and 3 new Achievements into the game. These new achievements are:
* Iron Man: an Infantry unit must survive 10 dice rolled against it without losing a single figure.
* Iron Tank: an Armored unit must survive 10 dice rolled against it without losing a single figure.
* Iron Gun: an Artillery unit it must survive 10 dice rolled against it without losing a single figure.

Four New Scenarios

Even if you are not interested in designing (or playing) Expert scenarios, we have something new for you. We have just released four new official scenarios:
• Gold Beach: can you make it through the uninterrupted line of barbed wires without eating too much sand?
• Utah Beach: follow the footprints of Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., starting the war “where you are”.
• Operation Goodwood: Seems like a walk in the park for the Allies? Wait until the Tigers show up…
• Carentan Causeway: A deadly fight between Special Forces in the Normandy Hedgerows around Fortin Farm.

And as always:

Make sure you stay tuned on the Memoir ’44 Online forum:

And above all, have fun!

The Memoir ’44 High Command at Days of Wonder Headquarters

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