Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction Update Released

– Improvement allowing cars not to get locked up with one another

– Roll of certain classes have been improved.

– The default settings of Classic cars have been switched with the new settings. (eg: standard setting is now the chaosdestruction setting)

– Smashing destructable objects now will earn you boost and supermove, but are currently due to work on multiplayer functional in singleplayer only.

– Speed game mode now has the same functionality / game logic as race mode.

– “Classic Mode” now renamed to “Game Speed” because of reviewer setting the game to chaosdestruction meanwhile complaining game is way too fast.

– Fixed “monstertruck wheels crushes my car” issue

– Improved physics for the ‘default’ Classic class tuning setting.

– Added ‘Classic’ setting for the Muscle Class.

– Added new loading screens.

– Tempered reaction for all explosions and other impact effects.

– Upgraded first skin for default car, Grinder.

– Streamlined ‘CrashSiteX’ track. Go give it a try!

– Reduced default A.I count for both race and challenge mode.

– Player can now easily bash their way through opponents.

– Balanced / tweaks for damage system.

– Tweaks and feature improvements for the A.I.

– Reduced default startgrid count for race and challenge mode.

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