Xotic Updated

Xotic 2.0 Released
This free update to our genre-bending FPS features new speed run game modes, new content, new achievements, support for DLC, a vastly improved tutorial and much more!

Even if you’ve already played through the game, check out the new tutorial for valuable gameplay techniques like hologram riding that are essential to Xotic. You’ll need to master them all to dominate the new speed run attack modes!

New Features:
• Scab Attack game mode: Destroy all scab plants in each level as quickly as possible. Includes 23 new leaderboards.
• Essence Attack game mode: Collect all the Orb Essence in each level as quickly as possible. New Orb Essence content exclusive to this mode added to all levels. Get ready to bust our your hologram riding technique! Includes 23 new leaderboards.
• Orb Attack game mode: Destroy all the Orb Brains in each level as quickly as possible. New Orb Brain content exclusive to this mode added to all levels. Includes 23 new leaderboards.
• Added support for additional levels via DLC packs
• New tutorial designed to teach key mechanics of the game such as hologram riding and flight.

New Achievements:
• Contagion: poison an enemy and have him poison another enemy.
• Goal Oriented: Finish all 3 level goals (scabs, brains essence) with a point multiplier invoked.
• Gravity Defying: Perform 3 Aerial combos without touching the ground or a hologram.
• Completionist: Finish all levels (non-DLC) in all modes.
• Head Hunter: Destroy the five robot heads in the game.
• Airborne Killer: 5 consecutive fly kills.
• Mega Speed Kill: Kill 6 enemies in under 30 seconds.
• Sky is the Limit: Land on 1000 hard holograms.
• Brain Freeze: Find and destroy a blue Crystal Orb Brain (they appear after completing any level goal in a bonus level). Only available during Steam Winter Sale.
• Added a 3-2-1 countdown at the beginning of the levels to emphasize the importance of speed.
• Game difficulty can now be changed without starting a new game.
• Scroll boxes now respond to click-hold for scrolling.
• Perfect Chains accomplished are displayed on map screen

Bug Fixes:
• Megabrains now display the correct number of points when you destroy them.
• Fixed some exit portal cameras
• Fixed essence hidden inside level geometry
• Fixed Spine shot hit FX missing sound
• Fixed normal maps on lurkers

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