Space Pirates and Zombies Update Released

patch notes:

Version 1.012
Added Medium, Huge Double Turrets
Added Fixed Mount turret mods (increases weapon size by 1 level)
Added Deployable Focal Turret (surplus)
Added Deployable Disruptor Turret
Added Deployable Stealth Ion Turret
Added Deployable Stealth Leech Turret
Added Deployable Torpedo Rack
Added Deployable Battle Station
Added Damage numbers visible for deployed turrets from player ship
Added Oversized boosters get a 1.5x bonus (Fixed mount turret modes make this possible)
Added 5 new star system backgrounds (requires game restart to populate galaxy)
Added New AI ship designs to use deployable turrets
Added Radar indicator for blackboxes
Changed Undersized boosters are 66% effective vs. 50% per number of levels undersized
Changed AI ship designs tweaked to make use of new fixed mount and double turrets
Changed Made large ship resources stay in memory. Takes more ram, but minimizes hitching.

Added Winter Mod:
Added Santa flying around in the background dropping presents
Added Milk and Cookie drops from ships (these also attract Santa)
Added Santa dumps a load of presents when picking up Milk and Cookies
Added Chance for Santa to drop a godlike specialist (“Little Helper”)
Added Themed Radio chatter
Changed Asteroids are snowballs
Changed Zombie asteroids are yellow snow
Changed Disruptor Cannon – Blizzard Blaster 2000
Changed Deployable disruptor Turret – Snowball Howitzer
Changed Mining Station Rock – Unhappy Snowman
Changed Crates – Presents!
Changed Rez – Candy Canes
Changed Santa hats for Carl, Don, and Elsa

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