Nuclear Dawn

Kick off the weekend by playing Nuclear Dawn for free starting now through Sunday at 1pm PST.

To celebrate the Free Weekend, we have unleashed the biggest, baddest update to Nuclear Dawn yet.

  • All-New Stealth Saboteur Kit: Take Stealth gameplay to structures, with this new loadout. Set fiendish ambushes for your enemies with sticky grenades, lay waste to their base, and then fade back into the shadows.
  • Training Modes for RTS and FPS: Train on basic and advanced game mechanics, and unlock the Commander Graduate achievement to give yourself priority tickets to the commander chair.
  • Career Stats Page: Track your battle stats from a new in-game menu. Monitor progress for upcoming unlocks, achievements, and customize your equipped optional extras.
  • New Weapon Unlock: As a special token of appreciation to those who supported us so far, receive an exclusive sidearm unlock, the P-900. Only available to players who purchased before Sunday 1PM PST.
  • Earn Double XP All Weekend: Unleash your soldier’s full potential. Earn double XP to rank up and unlock customization options faster. This weekend only!

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