Nuclear Dawn Update Released

• Players will be awarded double XP throughout the free weekend (15th – 19th December).
• P-900 sidearm unlock added (automatically awarded to all players who purchase during the free weekend, as well as those who have already purchased Nuclear Dawn prior.)
• Added Santa hats which will run though the holidays – starting 19th December. Server admins can control the behavior with the following CVar:
o nd_xmas – 0 = Hats disabled – 1 = Hats only for commanders – 2 = Hats for EVERYONE!
• Added squad bonuses for healing, capturing resources, and kill assists.
• Saboteur Stealth class introduced. Use Remote Explosive Devices and machine pistols, in conjunction with your Stealth Cloak teach your enemies fear of the dark.
• Four interactive FPS training courses that cover aspects of class warfare and basic gameplay mechanics
• Three interactive RTS training courses that cover the basic Commander functions (minus tactical excellence – you add that yourselves)
• Commander Graduate achievement – a special achievement earned by completing all of the interactive RTS training. In live games, players who have this achievement will have priority over candidates who did not complete training.
• Added a “Career� page to the main menu for viewing your player stats, including upcoming general and class-specific unlocks.
• Added an “Extras� tab (found via the new “Career� page) that allows players to enable/disable bonuses, such as the pre-order Veteran Medal and free-weekend P-900 sidearm unlock.
• Added bots. These should be considered BETA as most functionality is still in development. For this version, the bots will behave similarly to regular players, rather than purchased units as in other RTS titles (they will do their own thing, other than when a commander order is given to them). Below are some console variables you can use to add bots to your server:
o bot_quota = Number of bots
o bot_quota_mode [ normal | fill | match ] = If ‘fill’, the server will adjust bots to keep N players in the game, where N is bot_quota. If ‘match’, the server will maintain a 1:N ratio of humans to bots. If ‘normal’ there will be N bots in the game. Where N is bot_quota.
o bot_add_ct = Add a bot to the Consortium team
o bot_add_emp = Add a bot to the Empire team
General Issues
• Secondary Resource Point resource production has been increased to balance the dominance of the Primary. While Secondary points still remain vastly inferior to the Primary, now a commander that manages to hold both at the same time will actually be able to remain competitive against the one holding the primary.
• Fixed an issue where turrets would sometimes continue to target Stealth players even after they have activated cloak.
• Fixed an issue where Transport Gates were sometimes visible on the spawn location map, even when out of power, or EMP’d.
• Fixed not being able to perform any commander actions when running a listen server on MacOS.
• Fixed RTS camera rotation issues on MacOS
• Fixed issue where empty commander orders were being left around the map
• Fixed fog of war problem that would cause some players and structures to be invisible in commander mode, even when they are in line of sight of your units.
• Improved and re-added idle fidget animations with leg movement.
• Improved knife/blade hit detection in both regular stab and backstab modes.
• Fixed multiple instances of first person animation glitches when returning to idle from sprint.
• A number of various stability fixes.
User Interface
• The Steam server browser will now correctly display Nuclear Dawn servers.
• Improved some UI mouse-over effects.
• Improved class selection images.
• Added icons for each class on the squad menu.
• Fixed some cases where text would have incorrect spacing on MacOS.
• Added a chat message when a player is awarded an achievement.
• Added new kit selection icons for Stealth Assassin, Support Engineer and Support Medic.
• Increased Repair Tool’s effectiveness against enemy structures by 20%
• Clocktower
o Added a extra route to deploy relay towers by scaling up the tunnel at EMP base
o Fixed a few small issues throughout the level
• Downtown
o Relocated EMP command bunker to make it less exposed
o Removed floating displacement
o Fixed bushes not solid in multiple locations
o Fixed wireless repeater floating in the alley at the primary area
o Fixed CT wincam pointing at wrong location
o Removed ropes from the City State building
o Added multiple no-build areas throughout the level

• Hydro
o No longer possible to build behind the Empire Bunker
• Metro
o Fixed getting stuck in the primary bunker in some situations.
o Fixed a few floating bushes
• Oasis
o Fixed able to capture Primary from outside the building in a certain spot
o Extended capture area
o Added extra cover around the EMP base and throughout the level for relay towers

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