Defense Grid: The Awakening Updated

New free Defense Grid Community Challenge Update released:

– Mission Selection UI has been simplified, you can now see all medals for all modes at a glance
– New Fully Loaded game mode added: All towers and all upgrades are available (suggested by community member Salmusco)
– New Frozen Core game mode added: Cores do not float back to the housing
– New Shredder game mode added: The aliens keep coming. And you don’t earn interest.
– New Balanced Build game mode added: You need to build one of each tower type before you can build a second of the same type
– 32 new missions added with leaderboards
– Fully Loaded missions added to all early levels up to and including Center of Power (except for Out of Fuel)
– Frozen Core missions added to Ancient Research, Long Descent, Out of Fuel, Guardian’s Fall, Crossed Signals, Waste Disposal, and Last Stand
– Shredder missions added to Ancient Research, Flight Plan, Cold Storage, Guardian’s Fall, Center of Power, Standing Order, Crossed Signals, Turnabout, and Lockdown
– Balanced Build missions added to Cold Storage, Standing Order and Lockdown
– Out of Bullets missions added to Turnabout and Lockdown
– Fix: voice over volume control affects more audio lines than before
– Prepared for more content ahead
– Fix: Top of the Class achievement now able to be earned and description changed to reflect the new level names and requirements
– Fix: Few and Proud achievement clarify requirements needed
– Fix: Splash screens are skippable again
– Fix: Borderlands levels Entanglement and Infiltration let you build towers again
– Fix: No more purple textures when playing You Monster level in a low-res graphics level

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