CrimeCraft GangWars Expansion Released

GangWars is a massive expansion for the Free-to-Play Online Shooter CrimeCraft. GangWars revamps the experience for new users while also adding exciting end game content for veteran players.

Play before December 16th and receive a special GangWars Launch Gift! This includes a powerful custom gear set, 40 gold bars, and much more…


* Players can now select a Preset Class to use for combat.
* Choose from 24 different class profiles, such as Soldier, Sniper, Snadow Spy, and Kamikaze. Each class has its’ own unique advantages and disadvantages.
* Classes contains the full set of equipment and abilities that don’t require repair and don’t expire.
* Players can also create their own Custom Profiles, allowing the player to choose every aspect of their character including weapons, gear, boosts, and abilities.

* Players in gangs can fight for the control of territory in Sunrise City.
* Gangs controlling a zone will receive various bonuses such as increased cash gain or experience yield.
* Players have increased max hp when fighting in zones their gang controls.
* All players will pay a percent of their cash yield as a tax to the gang who controls the territory.
* Ruling Gang’s logos will now appear around territories that belongs to them.

* Access CrimeCraft’s combat, character customization, equipment shops and social features from the Quickplay Interface,
* New Players joining the game no longer start at the lobby tutorial, which now has an option to be skipped.
* Any player can freely switch between lobbies and Quickplay by pressing a button on the interface.

* Players earn bronze, silver, and gold coins as a reward tournament instead of cash and random items.
* These coins can be exchanged for powerful items of their choice from the Operator NPC.

* Adjusted stats for items to make low-level players more competitive.
* Shock Grenade, C4 Rocket Turret, Enhanced Metabolism, Improved Detection, Liquid Armor and Blast Helmet rebalanced.
* Run speed increased for pistols. Range of all pistols increased.
* Sniper rifle accuracy significantly decreased when shooting without aiming.
* R-Sys Sabretooth, Hargan Bulldog, Valley Forge, Exeter Arret, Jericho Ragnarok, Cabrese Fucilere weapons stats rebalanced.
* Boost quality feature removed from the game. Now all boosts have maximum quality.
* Indura Liquidstone, Chemtech Supermax, Zymek Lifeline boost effects reduced.
* All unpopular boosts were rebalanced.
* Now character performs the standard jump-knife attacked when armed with a pistol.

* New game type – Core Annihilation added in the game. This is primary a PvP game type with an additional twist – each team consists of both players and AI bots. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s core while protecting your own core from opponent’s attacks.
* New combat location – La Famiglia Compound added in the game.
* PvP game types added on Chemtech Processing Plant map.
* Capture the Zone (3 points) game rules updated.

* A player can subscribe simultaneously to any number of map / game type combinations now.
* Matches launch much faster for players.

* Change Gender Charter – this item allows changing your character gender.
* Small and Large Contract Page – this will increase the maximum allowed number of jobs.
* Custom hats added: The Spartan Helmet, Viking Crusader Helmet, The Nautilus, Spot Welder Mask, Mr. Hideous, Spec Ops Helmet and Riot Guard Helmet.
* Clan hall visual upgrades added for ceiling, walls, floor and furniture.
* Scavenger tools added that allow players to get containers for the profession of their choice from PvE matches.

* Now players can spend gold bars or in-game cash to purchase abilities.
* Bronze coins can be exchanged for the following items when visiting Coin Operator NPC in any lobby: Weekly Tournament Passes; Ingredient Packs; Experience, Cash and Loot boosts; Bleedout episode tickets.
* A number of other major and minor improvements and bug fixes.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the

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