Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source Updates Released

Stronghold 3
Version – 1.7.25308
Patch Notes

New maps
– Two Historical Siege maps – Dunnottar Castle, Castillo de Coca.
– Two Deathmatch Multiplayer maps – Deadwood (4 Player), The Dead Shore (2 Player).

– If selected together, mixed troop types move at the same speed when commands are issued.
– Worker peasants now fight back against enemy soldiers and animals.
– Can now double-click to load games.

Bug fixes
– Knights correctly appear on horses when invasions attack in freebuild.
– Spanish speech matches the text.
– German text fixes.
– Lady Catherine team colour fixed.
– Military Mission 10 estate capture has been fixed.

– Wolf attack strength and hit points have been lowered.

– Fixes for various out-of-sync issues.
– Various stability/speed improvements.

Multiplayer lobby
– New Lords to choose – Lady Catherine, The Jackal, Bishop Redham, Earl Swinefoot, The Rat, The Wolf
– Difficulty levels (Affects the ration levels)
– Extra levels of starting gold.
– All players can view advanced settings.

Audio Changes
– Fire sounds added for flaming buildings as well as other burning entities.
– Sounds added/tuned to harpoon launcher.
– Sounds added/tuned for burning logs, including when troops are struck.
– Body fall and thud sounds added for when troops fall to ground or bounce off towers (distinct effects depending on if troop type – i.e. armored vs. unarmored).
– Troops on fire now scream properly (and horrifically).
– Many additional group troop responses added for when larger groups are ordered about (similar to when large groups are selected currently). These also include negative responses when an impossible command is issued.
– Army attack screams added/tuned for when medium or very large groups are ordered to attack a target (distinct variations based on selected group size).

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