Trine 2 Beta Updated

Trine 2 Beta 3rd update 14 November 2011:

Major improvements:

– added controller configuration


– added framerate counter (options.txt in %APPDATA%/Trine2, set “ShowFPS” to true)
– added graphics quality options (low-end settings work)
– fixed several “sky models” (seams etc)
– fixed several grappling hook target helpers
– fixed physics/animation timing if framerate dropped below 30
– fixed various issues for non-wide resolutions (incl. shadow projection)
– fixed a crash related to ending a multiplayer game
– fixed a crash related to exploding barrels
– fixed sound effects being muted after resuming the latest save
– fixed Knight’s animation sync
– fixed Achievement detection for air flow
– fixed Upgrade menu (Monster levitation/Charge popup reset; ESC logic; texture color bleeding/stripe)
– fixed Pause menu “(B) Return” button add for PC (for gamepads)
– fixed Gameover menu failsafes
– fixed controller breakdown if changed on the fly in the Tutorial
– fixed grappling hook issues (visualization/animation)
– fixed a mouse wheel direction problem
– tweaked minor things in Forlorn Wilderness; static collisions, camera areas


– improved network throttling
– fixed ice shattering effect not being displayed for clients
– fixed players warping to wrong position (0,0,0) when dying in a multiplayer game
– fixed random frame rate drops during a multiplayer game
– fixed “ghost lobbies” appearing in the lobby list
– fixed server list pinging


– changed upgrade menu bind to TAB (used to be I)


– added a couple of credits

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