Total War: Shogun 2 Updated

Rise of the Samurai
– Fixed forum issue enabling players to exceed the maximum veteran slot limit
– Fixed bug where Chosokabe Daikyu Samurai could be recruited
– Fixed bug where Realism mode wasn’t being saved
– Fixed bug where players had to add an extra unit to ready up after a classic MP battle
– Fixed bug where replay battle type didn’t update correctly when switching between types
– Fixed issue with Invite Friends and Weather tickboxes
– Fixed bug where duplicate experienced and veteran units displayed incorrect cost
– State Academy entry in Encylopaedia now displays correctly
– Fixed bug where remaining funds did not update when player switches sides in a siege battle
– Fixed crash bug when starting a 1v3 on a 2v2 map
– Fixed bug where grouped units could not be given orders after rallying from a rout
– Fixed issue where players with a full unit roster could still click ‘add to army’
– Fixed bug where the cutscene after the Nagashino historical battle caused a lockup
– Fixed bug where clearing then loading an army containing Hero units prevented Hero units from appearing as selectable units on the unit selection group

– Infantry officer: retainer’s effect is +2 instead of +1
– Yari master: Reduce spear defence from 3 to 2
– Unabalanced spears: reduced effect from -3 to -2 (the counter to yari master)
– Stricken unholy forge: tweaked to affect all monk units
– World weary: morale penalty removed
– European gun smith: Tweaked to affect reload
– Way of the Ikko-Ikki: +10% now affects monks and ashigaru, with +2 melee defence rather than +3
– Rennyo’s teachings: Morale boost now +1 rather than +2 and +3 melee defence rather than +4

Unit categories
– Spear and naginata units are now distinct so that spear retainers do not benefit naginata units. This affects a number of overpowered army/retainer combinations to reduce their effectiveness.

– Samurai Archers reduced in cost by 50 koku
– Great Guard cap raised to 2
– Matchlocks reduced in cost as they are now less effective with previous friendly fire fixes
– Naginata Warrior Monk Cavalry capped to 3 max to reduce potency

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