Stronghold 3 Update Released

Updates to Stronghold 3 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

– Added a possible fix for the ‘failed to initialise’ bug.
– Fixed issue with units starting in a T-Pose when a map loads.
– Fixed issues with troops walking through walls.
– Fixed issue with man-at-arms being able to throw their spear through walls when directly ordered to attack someone behind the wall.
– Fixed issue with ranged units twitching while attempting to target a unit that is out of line of sight.
– Fixed issue with ranged units trying to melee targets that are initially out of line of sight instead of shooting them.
– Fixed issue with ranged units not attacking enemies in range after losing their target due to him walking out of range.
– Fixed various issues with walls (placing towers at tight angles).
– Added “snap” wall placement. Hold down CTRL when adding a new section to an existing wall to either extend the wall straight or perpendicular to the existing wall.
– Fixed issue with not being able to turn off all Chandler Workshops.
– Fixed issue with engineers starting in a T-Pose when their equipment is first placed.
– Fixed issue with peasant models sometimes appearing on top of iron/stone/farms and sometimes being attached to all of your troops.
– Fixed issue that would cause trebuchets to break if interrupted while they pack/unpack.
– Fixed issue with team colors where some appeared to be on the neutral team (white) after load.
– Fixed issue with shadows showing open buildings rather than solid closed buildings.
– Villagers will now visit the Inn from time to time.
– Camera should no longer go below sea level.
– The trebuchet has been re-added to A Glimmer of Hope (Military Campaign: Mission 11). Save games made before the patch will not feature the trebuchet.
– Fixed Map Editor crash on exit.
– Fixed issue with waterfalls duplicating themselves in the map editor after saving and reloading. Any user created maps with waterfalls will need to be re-saved in the map editor.
– Fixed the hotkey shortcuts to select the player’s Lord (L) and to cycle the camera to enemy lords (SHIFT + L) to accurately find units belonging to the correct players. (Also applies to other camera/selection hotkeys).
– Fixed Russian, Polish, and Czech text being cut off on some buttons.
– The Windows setting for left-handed mice (left right mouse buttons swapped) is now used in-game.

Please be aware save games made before patch 1.3.24532 that contain fire will crash when loaded.

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