Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades Updated

Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades Update 2.2.4 Released

-Several quest errors fixed, mostly in “Intercepting Foragers” and “Reaching the Rally Point”.
-Lords in “Reaching the Rally Point” move normally after your conversation with Landmeister.
-Battle statistics window fixed (sometimes it showed wrong enemy army information).
-Game crash after saving on strategic map fixed.
-Possible game crash after saving on tactic map fixed.
-Rare game camera crash on tactic map fixed.

-Huge performance increase on certain PC configurations: GTX video cards + Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system (other cards may benefit from this as well)
-Pathfinding on strategic map is improved, armies will find a way around towns and other obstacles quicker.
-Tactical battle lighting presets were corrected to reduce blur and glare.
-Improved tactical map generation
-High hills are not used when generating northern valleys
-Probability of autumn maps generation increased from 15 to 25%.

Game process and minor changes
-Costs of replenishing losses are reduced for sergeants (-25%) and knights (-16%).
-Bandits aggression is reduced if the player’s army is weak.
-Enemy will demand a smaller ransom if the player’s army is significantly weaker. Ransom is not increased until player reaches level 6.
-“Destroying the Foragers’ Camp” quest improved slightly. Enemy army now heads to Matowy only after you receive a message.
-A dialog screen in “Destroying the Foragers’ Camp” can not be closed incorrectly.
-A victory screen after plundering a village can not be closed incorrectly.
-Changes in texts.
-You can’t close a start screen incorrectly to avoid battle, and penalty for retreat.
-Before you start the siege, towncastle lord may engage you in the field.
-AI armies replenishing fixed. Winner restores most part of the army.
-Robbers’ bands are restored.
-Garrisons of captured townscastlessettlements are restored.
-Extortion is changed. If you consider opponent is too strong, and close battle window, you’ll have to offer ransom.
-Estimate strength of enemy forces in tooltips changed.
-Upgrading costs were changed, upgrade to sergeants and knights now costs more, mounted archers cost much more.
-Icons of settlements added to economy and diplomacy map overlays.
-Army consumes food after a battle.
-Army does not consume food while stationary.
-Prussian lords now can hire more sergeants (since they don’t have access to knights).
-Reserves will no longer disappear in assault battles.
-Numerous cosmetic fixes and improvements in the campaign.
-Faction relations changes are now shown in log.
-Retreat penalty added. Retreating army will suffer losses.
-Real price of hiring professional and elite units now matches description.
-Now auto-resolving a plunder engagement will give you trophies.
-Enemy army losses are now taken into account for determining earned experience and trophies after a battle.
-New diplomatic conversation option added to freeplay – “Personal insult”.
-Amount of food left is now shown on the main screen (next to commander’s level, money and battle experience).
-Commander skill window now appears automatically after gaining a level.

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