Pride of Nations Update Released

Pride of Nations patch 1.02 changelog –

Engine AI
(in bold, major changes)
 You can now remove a structure in a region you don’t own legitimally, provided you are in peace with the owner (e.g can remove a mine you built in a foreign land).
* Removal of ongoing region decision now works perfectly (right click on the helmet).
* Can’t plant a foreign structure if there is an army of a country with -25 or lower relationships (before was -1).
* Demobilize bug solved.
* Length of war augments chances to have the AI propose or accept a peace, +1% for every 3 turns, up to the current calculated chance.
* Suez canal problem not completed if enemy fixed.
* If a colonial mansion is lost (burned by native etc.) it will be recreated sooner or later for free.
* If a region within a protectorate/colony don’t have enough CP to switch status, it will gain +1 CP a turn.
* If a tribal owns a city in a region with protectorate + status, it will relinquish it.
* Troops in regions they can’t stay in anymore can now be redeployed up to 8 regions away to a legal region (before it was 3).
* Objectives are now correctly added to your list of claims.
* Consulate and governor mansion don’t require anymore to have a minimum development level, as it is already checked by the colonial decisions creating these buildings (clearer for gameplay).
* More detailed messages when a decision can’t be used because the structure it will build is invalid. Same for the presence of enemy force (hidden or not), a specific message is added.
* Improved the behaviour of the “Upgrade Structure” button on the new Structures List interface.
* New setting (add it in any .opt file, even a new file), aiDoTakeOver, default is false (0). If true, AI takes over abandonned human turns, if false, it leaves them ‘as is’. Good for PBEM.
* Structure cost now properly shown in tooltip (including the penalty for many structure, every fifth structure).
* Adjacent territories when liberating a nation were not freed reliably (even if qualified as to be freed). Warscore costs in the interface was erroneously too low (fixed).
* Foreign investments in structures will be costlier and more dangerous (more chance to get seized).
* In some cases, elements could receive replacements without any spending from mother nation.
* Windowed mode should now behave as expected, resolution-wise.
* The game will now pause correctly (if pause on battle is chosen) during turns, without generating display glitch.
* Declaring a protectorate in a region with a significant colonial presence from another country can generates automatically a crisis now (no need to have a stake/contest stake decisions issued).
* AI has added interests in selling or buying non critical merchandises (like tropical fruits, etc.)
* Tradepost now generate their goods later in the turn, so that stockpile situation is clearer for the player.
* AI will favor even more strongly the presence of railroads when seeking a construction site.
* Crash when doing a distant unload fixed.
* 4 colonial structures, when placed, lower others nations CP by 5 each: Mission, School, Dispensary, Outpost. This can be seen as a tool to sap away the influence of others colonial powers.
* New window, listing structures (F11 key).
* There is now a +33% cost penalty to each element which is fighting and was besieged the past turn.
* More effects for the ‘Show Support’ diplomatic action. Will give you a tiny fraction of the monthly prestige gain from the supported nation, will raise progressively your relationships plus the AI will be aware of supporters before declaring war. If the nation you supported is the target of a DOW, you’ll lose some prestige, plus 25 relationships point with the attacker. You’ll also get a chance to have a committing CB against the attacker (double-edged sword).
* Cyclical economic crisis have arrived, please refer to the AGE wiki for the rules about them:
* AI now factors fully the net of treaties and supports when seeking for a potential target of a DOW.
* Objectives regions are always at least in your claim list (can be national too, which is the grade above).
* Economic structures after the fifth cost +20% cumulative in capital funds, when being built. This represents the bigger difficulty in convincing investors to fund structures that don’t represent brand new opportunities (and is also there to slow down the bigger economy, admittedly!)
* You can now get back the city of regions your legitimately own, if at peace with the owner, even if the region is not national to you (e.g Austria is holding a Polish city, taken from Rebels, and giving it back to Russia).
* When a country is liberated, it will also get back (in addition to its capital region) adjacent regions which are national to it, if owned by the war loser.
* AI will play more and more aggressively colonial decisions (if they can be afforded).
* Fixed a bug that prevented merchant fleets from being repaired in certain circumstances.
* Martial Law will now be enabled automatically, in regions where you have troops and too much militancy. A ruthless country will activate Martial Law as soon as there is 1 point of militancy. An autocratic country will wait for 10 points, and the rest of government types will wait for 30 points accumulated. In the short term, Martial law will tend also to reduce contentment at the same time, mostly for liberal countries.
* The 3 icons at the top of the screen (the ones that change when you change mode) are now fully operational with detailed tooltips. Check them!
* You can’t try upgrading a level 4 depot anymore.
* If a region is not pillaged, then there won’t be a natural decay in development level even if the region is above the calculated maximum level (dependant of city size and some techs).
* There is now a message indicating when the worth of a colonial area (Sphere of Influence rating) improves because you (heavily) invested into it. Target the colonial capital for maximum effect.
* Scores in various domains are now shown as a tooltip in the Objectives screen, on each of the nation’s flag. For your scores, check your capital icon for the corresponding tooltip.
* AI is more dynamic on trading.
* You can’t convert supply and ammo if your capital is besieged.
New functionality: SPACEBAR switches between modes (Military – Economy – Colonial – Decisions – back to the beggining). ALT+SPACEBAR goes into the submode.
* Fixed the crash bug on Population F6 interface (mostly reported on USA)
* Fixed many region display problems on the F6 interface (water regions, enemies regions, etc) and problems with the pie charts construction.
* New: now the conversion of a few merchandises (Gold, gem) to state money can increase inflation (low chance: 1%)
* Improved: depending on your tariff level, there is a chance to hurt relations with other factions (change much upped compared to before).
* New: regional decisions on enemy controlled territory had a chance to be “burned down�.
* Fixed: crash bug related to pillagers units on regions without an owner.
* Fixed: script problem with the commands EvalContentment, EvalMilitancy and EvalEducation that prevented them to work properly in some cases.
* You can now enter any region held by an enemy (50% more control) even if the region is owned by someone with whom you don’t have a passage treaty.
* False positive Report fixed during battle (No Friendly Group message)
* Tribal relationship will at least be 1 after a formal peace settlement, so they are never hostile after a peace.
* You can enter an enemy controled region, whoever is the legit owner.
* Changed: An harbor of a nation with a trade agreement is valid for exporting goods, before you need to be allied with them (this can explain oddities with oversea assets).
* Inflation increases structure cost.
* You can’t capture (or the AI can’t) ships from a nation you are at war with, if the war just erupted. Capturing ships after some clever amphibious or land operations will still work.
* Contesting a stake in colonial mode should trigger much more often now.
* You can now see the various sources of prestige gained during past turn by checking the tooltip over the prestige icon, top left of the screen.
* Militancy will have higher impact than before on the long term.
* Fixed a bug where the crisis initiator would lose his planning.
* Less Prestige gain in crisis.
* You can disband troops without prestige loss now. If you are at peace and not under a threat, troops with the ‘mobilize’ tags will be removed each December.
* AI going-to-war diplomacy bug fixed, giving way to a more logical and prudent AI.
Fixed: AI diplomacy bias was not working correctly
Fixed: crash when browsing the 2D building cards
Fixed: Several events errors, including EvalColSPatus etc.
Fixed: Extended options (SOIs) are now saved
Fixed: Siege where 2 countries or more are besieged now work as intended.
Changed: Non colonial crisis probabilities significantly upped.
Added: VSynch and MultiSampling settings can now be changed, to speed up display.
Added: Merchants Ships in MTBs can now get back hits (with replacements). Build Shipyards!
Added: Rails can now be repaired automatically either by civilian entrepreneurs, or if you have units of the Engineer family.
Changed: Regions in harsh climate can recover from pillage.
new: legitimate owner of a region gets back MC from allies.
fixed: No more North pole crisis.
fixed: All capital icons are now working and send to Diplomacy Window
changed: Decisions Missions, Merchant, Tradepost. Missions will mostly create the Mission building. Merchants give 5£ a turn and enable the use of the Tradepost mission. Tradepost once completed creates the Tradepost building.
fixed: can now scrolls the structures in the ‘built structures’ panel.
fixed: hits lost by units now show correctly in the Military screen
changed (improved): ctrl-click replaced by right-click in Balance and Industrial screens.
new: tooltip on the population behaviors in Population screen
new: decisions cost and ‘tech boosting’ cost traced immediately in your balance, top of the screen.
new: Mini tech browser Window, click on the tech category in the Tech screen to open it (in the making!)
FIXED and major: Memory leak removed!
new: You can now cancel Buy orders from the B interface.
fixed: Display bug that masked some structures.
new: Prices recover better and more logically
new: wastage of resource reduced in effect
new: naval resupply algorithm revised entirely, plus message giving details on it.
new: national regions now benefit from a ‘minimum development level’, if under 10%, you get +1% every 3 months.
new: tribal get replacements for free, slowly.
new: commerce ships in MTBs get back some cohesion over time
fixed: Depot extension and coaling upgrades problem.
new: Initiator of a colonial crisis can lose his CP in the contested colony.
new: minor can be the target of crisis.
fixed: Replacement leaders now appear
fixed: structures in construction can not be activated with the ‘activate all’ button
fixed: a problem with supply rights that gave the benefit of a defensive treaty.
fixed: Inflation works reliably.
fixed: Map loading improved behavior should now work even if the checkbox is not on (hopefully!)
fixed: Can now use gunboat diplomacy
fixed: DOWing a country now abort all treaties
new: National morale limited to 250. More rubberband mechanisms around morale.
new: if you lack a specific resource for an industry, the message tells you which one.
fixed: you’ll get every 3 months a message about your progress on the historical missions.
new: AI time usage in case of war reduced by 10% (not to 10% )
new: Hosting time reduced between 10 and 15%, depending of the turn.
new: the harbors close to your capital can always send sea supply to harbors close to any MTB where you have ships. (Basically if you have a ship as GBR in Southern Africa Trade box, then the harbors near London can send supply to the harbors in South Africa).
new: Can’t play prospectors in region where there is no hidden resources.
new: You don’t prevent merchant ships to commerce even if you have combat ships in their MTB.
new: When you form up a colony, relationships with the tribal will be at least 0.
new: The resources icons on map now show the number of resources in their tooltip.
new: Before building a structure, the tooltip tells you about the theoretical input and output.
new: Unit building panel code optimized, should not slow down the game anymore.
changed: Crisis about a colony asks for an average 15 CP, not 5.

Data or Events oriented changes
(major changes in bold)
* Some fixes on treaties.
* Austrian Constitution event fixed.
* Coal will be sold more easily by AI.
* Removed coal consumption from coal producing structures.
* Updated AI stockpile, maintenance and usability parameters for some merchandises.
* Increased build time for all structures.
* Increased capital required to build all economical structures
* Fixed some problems on faction modifiers granted by the land techs.
* Moved around transactions to capital trade areas for all majors.
* Fixed a bug in Austrian Constitution revoked 1851 event
* Added more keys to regenerations of laws and reforms (conditions are now more stringent)
* Added 130 missing or wrongly labelled event pictures (thanks to Berto checking tool)
* Fixed many diplomatic relations that were inverted.
* Added some german alliances with Austria (the southern states have a defensive alliance with AUS now)
* Reduced initial POPNeeds in 20% for all factions.
* Corrected some problems in the obsolete generation path of some structures.
* New Zealand Constitution event fixed.
* Niger Trade Zone has now a liaison with the Gulf of Guinea maritime box.
* Added new portraits for HOL rulers and ministers.
* Streamlined China starting colonial situation.
* Added some cities around China to prevent the starting messages “New city has been founded�.
* Changed Xinjiang, Tibet and Korea status to feudal factions.
* Changed the Port of Venetia to a Naval Base (with a lower level to compensate).
1870 DLC FPW changes
* added AI guidelines events for Prussia
* added Production (pools and assets)
* added French “Franc-Tireurs” events (guerrillas)
* added French leaders 3*** promotion for AI
* Reduced output of late game structures (-1 production all around the place)
* Increased capital input for all structures and all levels.
* Reworked late game structures output, now they have a linear progression (level1=5, level2=10, level3=15), before it was a 2x relation (level1=5, level2=10, level3=20).
* Reworked input and output relation to fit the new system of linear progression.
* Removed manufactures goods input for Shipyard.
* Reduced Iron base price to 3
* Reduced Minerals base price to 3
* Reduced Nitrates base price to 3
* Reduced Rubber base price to 3
* Reduced Luxuries base price to 11
* Reduced Wood base price to 2
* Reduced Dyes base price to 2
* Reduced Electrical parts base price to 8
* Reduced Autos base price to 25
* Reduced Aviation base price to 30
* Increased cost to build structures outside your country.
* Promise local support duration upped to 24 turns (was 12).
* Peace treaty now also creates a 6-turns right of passage temporary agreement. Once elapsed, forces will be forcefully moved to nearest territory.
* Fixed Italian unification CTD because of a nonexistent treaty
* Fixed BEL crash related to the Vlaandern forts
* Fixed SPA and TUR objectives (No longer the “North Pole�)
* Added new objectives for other minor factions (DAN, SWE, MEX, PER)
* Adjusted USA colonial structures to the requirements of the colonial game
* Fixed all FRA events referencing the wrong alias “Kabylie� to the correct one “Kabilyia�
* Fixed all GBR events referencing a non existent area (Area_North_India)
* Fixed USA oil events that generated a CTD
* Reduced prices for all merchandises
* Reworked input/outputs of many structures to adapt the new situation to the new prices.
* Reworked AI stockpile algorithm and logic during the course of the game (to reduce huge stockpiles early on).
* Updated faction stockpile to fit the new AI stockpile algorithm.
* Reworked some structures force pool, now it is spread more along the tech tree (to reduce big jumps in production).
* Reduced some early structures force pool to reduce the huge availability of resources in 1850 because all major nations became powerhouses way too early (See next point).
* New faction traits: now each major faction gets 2 traits (GBR 3) that will increase your structure force pool based around historical production (GBR more coal mines, RUS more cereal farms, etc).
* Updated canned food and furniture industries graphics.
* Fixed the missing “name� and “text� entries for some technologies (some error introduced with the replacement of “armour� for “armor�).
* Fixed all “programm� and “canon� appearances on all texts (replaced by “program� and “cannon� respectively).
* Fixed many minor errors reported on event scripts.
* Reduced all prestige gain/loss from all structures.
* Colonial roads decision allows again a region to develop to road level. (bugfix)
* Fixed a problem with wrong objectives assigned during the ACW for USA
* Changed the Coast of Senegal “terrain type� to Coastal Water (instead of Ocean).
* Added Zwedru region to the Ivory Coast colonial area.
* Fixed the problem that prevented in some cases to build railroads for players that already discovered the advanced railroad.
* Fixed: some Russian events (e.g. Kolokol 1857) that made loyalty plunge down too fast and too strong in anticipation of Serfdom Abolition event (moved forward to 1861)
* Eased the requirements for Child Work abolition and made chances of vote higher
* Fixed typo in Merchant Fleet mission which wrongly stated 100 merchant ships instead of 30 (50 for Britain)
* Fixed an error in the German/Italian unification events that made them occur only once
* Fixed various text typos
* Added a new entry system for USA and CSA generals during the ACW if it occurs at an earlier date
* Added some events to boost appearance of German and Italian unity when the player is either USA or Japan (in order to create a more ‘known’ Europe and higher challenge for player)
* Corrected file names for some military units that had typos, thereby preventing them to be displayed correctly
* Fixed some models data that was preventing proper showing of units pictures
* Added Amadeus’ German proofreading of texts
* Renamed some units pictures that prevented them to be shown correctly
* Added missing texts for British Events: 1852 NZ Constitution and 1854 Miner Rebellion, same for French and Italian events about the 1864 September Convention
* Changed the Rebels proportion (lowered) in manu events, including Poland’s martial law (Russian)
* Renamed Hevea to Rubber (English) to all concerned events
* Reworked merchandises contentment values and prices.
* Fixed: bug related to railroad/advanced railroad efficiencies that created an excessive bonus coming from the tech tree.
* Fixed: streamlined VP gain per turn coming from faction modifiers to reduce the snowballing effect seen on GBR.
*fixed: Warscore evaluation and cost of treaty proposals
*changed: ‘NON’ nation is always hostile.
*fixed: AI siege bug
*changed: Colonial Merchant can augments dev level up to 15%.
*fixed: Defensive treaty could be accepted while not being valid in the end.
*fixed: you can’t build a depot upgrade over a depot in construction.
*changed: some silly cases of crisis.
*changed: you will get back military control and cities, from non hostile nations, in some cases, in regions you legitimally own.
*fixed: yet another memory leak (a significant one)
*added: AI will now explain why she refuses a treaty proposal.
*changed: Drain lands should now work only in swamps
*changed: AI has more chance to accept peace.
*added: Relations with a tribal will change, depending of your ownership of their capital. If you are in protectorate or better status, they become friendly, otherwise, they become hostile.
* Changed all events with diplomatic item FullWar to War (so peace talks and conditions should be easier for the initial stages). Note that the ACW, the 3rd Carlist War and the Taiping rebellion remain FullWar, i.e. peace is almost impossible except via total victory (or event ending)
* Fixed ACW events (US fleets go to NYC instead of upper Mississippi, fixed too much REB loyalty, especially in Washington)
* Fixed AI reaction in many events (German Unification, Crimean War)
* Added events about natives getting access to more modern weapons later on in game
* Fixed errors in Units Models
* Added new Leaders portraits (from our Beta team)
* Changed many sprites positions in various regions to improve visibility
* Finally completed Dutch events
* Made TUR and BEL playable in this version
* Added extra events for colonial crisis (Cuba, Philippines, Aceh, Morocco)
*New look for the Tech Tree Navigation interface
*Added new links from the Research Interface to the Tech Tree Navigation
*Solved the problem with Coaling Station Upgrade removing the Port if the CP on the region was not enough
*Solved reported bugs on Rulers (corrected refferences, removed extra spaces that prevented some images to be loaded, etc)
*Added new portraits for German Minors, Spain and China
*Plugged the new placeholder ruler portraits to some factions
*Fixed some Tech Startup problem with some techs that you had ahead of time (you had the second level instead of the prerequisite)
¤ IA choices modified in multi-choices events.
¤ Japan events and Perry visit events fixed (txt added + balancing)
¤ all models and units file names changed to allow better performance with non-Western O/S
¤ Native American and GBR leaders pictures added
* Fixed some budget and costs of the EIC army: GBR now receives 250£ every 6 months as ‘contribution’ to finance the Army in India (till 1860)
* fixed some upgrade costs on units – Also added missing pictures for some units
* Fixed EvalColStatusArea script error
* Fixed natural disasters events (wrong religion alias caused crash)
*Models DB fixes (costs, tech upgrades, new pictures, new values for some elements)
* Fixed a script error that prevented the Missions annual checks to be effected and displayed.
* In addition FP of economic structures is adjusted for some missions (e.g. more cereal farms for Russia)
* New 1850 GC OOB: lots of African and Asian nations forces added on map (still WIP if volunteers want to bring corrections)
* Changed Cotton resources on map outside USA: much lower until the ACW occurs, then Cotton ‘spreads’ to Egypt, India and Southern Brazil in greater quantities
* Diplomatic parameters for AI added (thanks to Ehrenbourg tremendous work!)
* New events for SPA, POR, BEL and TUR added
* More Colonial and Balkan crisis events
* Allowed German unification by peaceful means to occur earlier
* Fixed wrong states borders in the USA (thanks to Aragos)
* Cherokee are friendly to USA, other Indian tribes start at peace
* Fix of abilities (CinC appliance)
* Oil, gold, gems and rubber resources fix (add population during rushes)
* Some 1850 setup fix in regions (control, trade, resources)

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