Dota 2 Update

– Gyrocopter: Fixed Rocket Barrage firing while under effects like Disruption/Chronosphere/Doom/Hex.
– Gyrocopter: Fixed Flak Cannon hurting nightmared units without waking them up.
– Naga Siren: Fixed being able to purge Song of the Siren aura off of Naga Siren.
– Nyx: Fixed Spiked Carapace affecting Juggernaut during Omnislash.
– Outworld Devourer: Fixed Astral Imprisonment not draining enough mana from enemy heroes.
– Timbersaw: Fixed Whirling Death not doing enough damage against strength heroes.
– Fixed Maelstrom and Mjollnir being unable to proc if the initial target is Magic Immune.
– Tweaked Neutral Creep chase timings for the two small camps.
– Fixed a number of bugs in Mechanics I, including all known showstoppers.

– Fixed holding alt causing smoked hero names to be shown on minimap when near truesight.
– Fixed your status showing as playing a local bot game if you were spectating a game
– Hero performance page is now sorted by total number of games played.
– Fixed Dire wins in the Team Game History tab showing up as losses.
– Fixed bug where Team Game History wasn’t refreshing properly.
– The Teams List under Community now displays Teams in order of their most recently played match.
– There’s now a dialog asking the player to rate their currently-used hero build (if it’s not yet been rated).

– Music now plays in spectator and replay modes.

– Added Fiery Soul of the Slayer item for Lina.

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