Impire Update Released


Version 20/02/2013

– Ch.1 Act 1: Fix camera out of bounds when placing kitchen.
– Ch.1 Act 3: Gate not opening and crash during boss fight, and end of scenario
– Ch.1 Act 4: Skulls Side quest and Golden keys side quests now work properly
– Ch.4 Act 5: Resources will be gained provided you have access to the stockroom.
– Fixes in stability. No more game crash at end of scenario.
– Fixed Giving orders to units during combat, for both squads and single units.
– There are no more Asserts, and other pop ups, except for unhandled exceptions which CTD and provide a .dmp file.
– Fixed to two musics playing at the same time.
– Fixed gui sliders not going through full range
– Fixed being unable to equip runes.
– Updated German Localisation.
– Misc GUI fixes.
– Fixed Camera out of bound problems, and when squads in world map.

– Ch.2 Act 1: Coloured fire is replaced by symbols to help the colour blind.
– Mouse Scroll (for camera) delay has been disabled.
For users who use WASD to move camera you can disable the mouse scroll in the options.
We will work to add an option for delay time.
– Aggressiveness is now regained by all units idling, up to 50%.

Known Bugs:
– “Dark Halls”: This is an issue with AMD/ATI video cards. Please set SmoothVisionHD to application setting
and the bug should go away.
– Steam Cloud: Save games are local, and game profiles are cloud only.
– Units escaping emprisonment might behave oddly or not move at all
– Multiplayer (co-op campaign and skirmish games), though fully featured, remains in beta-status.
Some surface scratches have to be polished.
– Crashes may occur at the end of or during a skirmish game.
– Skirmish: Capture the Dragon: if Baal is killed at the Gateway while carrying the dragon,
the dragon may not respawn correctly and and thus become unreachable.
– Problems with possible display resolutions. Work is ongoing.
– On some hardware configurations, changing the resolution while in full screen mode,
switchin to full screen, or turning on VSync may cause the screen to go black/flicker
and the game to enter an unresponsive state. It will reset after 15 seconds

– The new patch might cause a game crash upon loading a game saved with the previous version. Your campaign progress should not be affected.

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