Dota 2 Update

– Added Tusk!

– Lina: Fixed Dragon Slave hitting units behind you.
– Mirana: Fixed some backswing behaviors with her spells
– Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld not removing collision.
– Troll Warlord: Fixed a case where ranged Troll Warlord can bash when attacking while transforming.
– Troll Warlord: Added a “fast” attack animation that will only trigger when his attack speed is above 210
– Fixed Orchid disabling Dagger at the end of its duration even if it was doing no damage.
– Fixed a recent bug with Poor Man’s Shield that could infrequently cause it to not block hero damage
– Fixed some wave speed issues with Crypt Swarm, Dual Breath, Breathe Fire, Dragon Slave, Illuminate, Sonic Wave and Shockwave.
– Enabled Silencer in Tournament lobbies.
– Team Matchmaking now uses the Tournament lobby rules.
– Two-player Mid Only games now automatically spawn a courier.
– Enabled Medusa in Captain’s Mode for Latest Version (will be enabled in Tournament Version the following week).

– Updated look of the combat log and added language localization.
– Fixed bug where players who’d set themselves as Offline in Steam would still report their Rich Presence status.
– Players no longer display what hero they’re playing in their Rich Presnce if they’re in a private no-spectating game.
– Added a “Add Self to Roster” button that shows up for Team Admins that aren’t part of their Team’s Roster.
– The Game End panel now shows team names for games with teams.

– If Keeper of the Light dies with Recall active, the visual effect is now removed.

– Fixed PL not being considered a Hard Carry for lane-selection and last-hit-deferring purposes.
– Fixed VS bot not having a large enough item build list.
– Bots will no longer dust Doppelwalk because it’s sneaky.
– Bots will no longer buy invisibility detection for an enemy’s item until they see that item in an enemy’s inventory.
– Made Zeus bot slightly more likely to use Wrath of the Thundergod.
– When a player connects, we now only disable/make invulnerable heroes on the opposing teams (not units with bots like the Warlock Golem).

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