Metal Drift Updated


– Brand new level with a new look – Javelin.

– Major overhaul of the weapon reticles. Each one updated to emphasize useful information.

– Added Temporal and Shock reticles, as well as a new power up animation.

– Demo players and retail players can now compete in the same servers.

– Added support for private, password protected servers.

– New animated team crests, new cleaner team logos on stand banners.

– New map display.

– Added detail to the floor.

– New announcer audio.

– Larger projectiles for the Temporal Cannon.

– Added Boost pop-up indicator and chassis orientation display.

– New animated crowds.


– Flattened the leveling curve – 2x less grindy.

– Fixed issue where tank could jump long distances when in reverse.

– Fixed case where ball would drop and could not be picked up again.

– Shock cannon knockback set to be proportional to the amount of power stored.

– Reduced damage on the Plasma Launcher and Temporal Cannon weapons.

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