Dota 2 Update

– Added Troll Warlord!
– Added All Random to matchmaking!
– Added tournament calendar view to the Watch tab!

– The pathfinder now ignores obstructions that are due to units that are not visible to the pathing unit.
– Crystal Maiden: Fixed Freezing Field channeling ending if you get purged.
– Dazzle: Fixed Poison Touch slow and stun applying if BKB was used after it had been applied
– Drow: Fixed Drow Illusions carrying the double bonus from Marksmanship
– Keeper of the Light: Fixed Chakra being castable on magic immune allies.
– Keeper of the Light: Fixed Manta dispelling Mana Leak.
– Lifestealer: Fixed Rage not removing certain buffs that BKB does (Empower, Haste, etc).
– Medusa: Fixed Mana Shield happening after Stout/Vanguard damage block rather than before.
– Meepo: Fixed Poof considering dead illusions as valid destinations.
– Morphling: Fixed Replicate dying if Morphling dies with Aegis.
– Timbersaw: Fixed Whirling Death sometimes taking too long to cast when used with Timber Chain.
– Timbersaw: Fixed Chakram cast time behavior
– Visage: Fixed Attack and Defense type on level 3 Familiars
– Warlock: Fixed Aghanim Warlock Golems not doing enough damage
– Fixed MKB dealing bonus damage to towers.
– Fixed ground courier being able to block lanes and surround Roshan.
– Fixed being able to lifesteal more life than the target has.
– Fixed Diffusal Blade cooldown being 12 seconds instead of 8

– Added Practice vs Bots option in the Play menu.
– Added a privacy setting in the UI so that players can specify whether they want to allow external 3rd party websites to be able to access their match history (defaulted to private).
– Least Played mode now eliminates each players’ top 40 played heroes, up from 20.
– Added completion cost to shop item tooltips, displayed if the player has one or more components.
– Added tooltips to the shop category buttons.
– Fixed the Repick option disappearing too soon
– Fixed bug where buffs would sometimes display an incorrect duration sweep.
– Bringing up the combat log will now hide the killcam.
– Fixed bug where sometimes spectators would, when inspecting a player, not see thier cosmetic items.
– Fixed bug where Dota 2 would not track changes in the Windows default audio device.
– When spectating a game in directed, hero chase, or player view, the mouse will no longer be locked to the window

– Added new item sets for Lone Druid and Necrolyte.

– Added Necrolyte bot.
– Added Witch Doctor bot.
– Sven will no longer War Cry when doing a casual retreat.
– Fixed Viper bot not harassing with his unique attack modifier.
– Fixed bug in Sandstorm avoidance that always made bots maximalliy avoid it.
– Adjusted the values so that bots are more willing to tanking creeps at high health/tankability ratings.
– Bots now take into account cleaving when determining what neutral camps they’re willing to farm.
– Death Prophet bot will now use Carrion Swarm more when laning.
– Fixed bug that would cause bots to fountain-dive sometimes.

– Added a “Show Low-Res Model” checkbox that toggles between showing the low high resolution LODs for imported models when in Loadout camera view.
– Now automatically switches to showing low-res models in the Day/Night camera views, and high-res models in the Portrait camera view (since that’s how they’re used by the game)
– Fixed “Other” submission type displaying a “failed to find content file” when submitting.
– Fixed Preview not resetting background properly when moving from Portrait to Day/Night view.
– Fixed Preview losing hero rotation when going to and from Portrait view.
– Fixed a case where the Add Wearable slot buttons didn’t work for some slots on some heroes (like Sven)

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