AirMech Update Released

Patch Notes for AirMech Beta Version 14553.0

For this update we are introducing a new map: ‘Crater’, as well as adding the first features of the faction system to the game. Both are in testing phases so be sure to shoot any feedback you have to us on the forums or Steam chat. We also added a couple changes to matchmaking which should minimize the possibility of getting into games that are sure to have higher than ideal pings by binding players to region specific server groups. There are also some optimizations to how the game handles player connections that should reduce the chance of lag in several situations. See the full changelog below:


– New Map: Crater (still in the balancing phase)
– The tutorial has been updated, the first of many changes to learning for new players.
– Matchmaking is now done by grouping players in the same server region determined by the country you are playing from to prevent higher pings in game due to distance.
– Made some optimizations that should reduce situations that cause lag.
– Updated Localizations with latest content from the Steam Translation Service
– New Faction Quest: ‘United in Combat’
– New ‘Buy Diamonds’ tile in the store.
– New option to purchase Silver VIP in the store.
– New ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons added two switch between 1 and 3 days boosts in the store.
– Improved Toy Angel visuals.

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed a bug where enemy AirMechs and units could target a cloaked Neo.
– Fixed a bug allowing the booster trails to show on Neo while cloaked.
– Fixes for potential chat text corruption.

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