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2012-11-15: v1.08

– Added Nahua culture and Aztec religion

– Retinues no longer get free leaders
– Liege levies raised via the province view are now raised in the selected province
– You can now forbid your council from leading armies
– Optimized succession calculation, which could cause massive slowdowns in big dynasties with many landed members
– Intrigue plots vs barons or their courtiers can now include their liege’s courtiers and other vassals
– Fixed Scottish Schiltron building giving 10x defensive bonus to pikes
– Fixed Dutch cultural retinue lacking pikes
– Fixed an issue with AI strength calculations the first month after loading a game
– A bit more randomness in the size of the rebel reinforcements in civil wars
– The Pope now receives even less war contribution score in Crusades
– Fixed a crash with a null war list in Province View and Diplomacy View
– Mercenary regiments and Holy Orders will now automatically get a new leader when the old one dies
– Less likely that the captain of a merc regiment gets reassigned to lead something else
– Kingdoms no longer assimilate out of de jure empires that have no holder
– Fixed a bug with not being able to move capital back to your title’s preferred capital
– The Imperial Reconquest CB now only works for the restored Roman Empire
– The Imperial Reconquest CB no longer clears out all rulers under the title
– Disbanding multiple selected units will never disband retinues if there are non-retinues in any selected unit
– Liege levies will now disband if their owner is at war with the owner of the unit
– Retinues no longer reinforce if their owner has no money
– Diplo AI: Imprisoned vassals or below will always accept a demand for religious conversion, and go free from prison
– AI: Much better at assigning flank commanders for important armies
– AI: Less likely to go overboard with Crown Authority
– AI: Not interested in Lower CA plots in irrelevant kingdoms/empires
– AI: Fixed a bug with it not dismissing liege levies when done with them
– Army AI: Fixed a bug with invasions not happening when they should
– Ledger page with independent rulers now shows troops including retinues
– Shift or Ctrl clicking buttons in Ruler Designer coat of arms designer now multiplies the frame change by 5 or 10
– Fixed bug where byzantine unit pack was replacing all eastern europeans
– Raising troops via raise all or raise on province will now merge units
– Now allowed to ask to join tribal invasion wars
– Fixed bugged altaic culture building modifier
– Fixed the history of c_sodermanland
– Fixed consistency issue with German characters name Philipp
– Fixed faulty employment date for Robrecht van Gent
– Fixed broken Ua Conchobair dynasty
– Province of Bira no longer stays Orthodox for the entire game
– Fixed bug where imprisoned underage rulers could kill their regents
– Gave The Two Saltuks from Erzurum their correct names
– Corrections to Phillip IV of France and many related characters
– Sigrid Ylving no longer has the wrong mother
– Fixed the deathdate of King Charles IV of France
– Added missing Ecumenical Patriarchs
– Fixed a bug where courtiers of landless characters would be listed in a weird location
– Fixes and additions to various Frankish and Occitan dynasties
– Fixes and additions to the Hunfirding dynasty
– Missing marriages, mothers, children of Valdemar II and Erik V of Denmark added
– Fixed a rare crash in ‘on_siege_over’
– AI: The independence faction does not present an ultimatum until it has at least 33% of the liege’s strength
– AI: De jure vassals of your culture and religion, except kings, will not start or join independence factions
– Reduced the chance of massive rebel reinforcements for the Independence faction
– Diplo AI: Mongols and Aztecs will no longer revoke titles off human players just for having the wrong religion or culture
– Armenian, Georgian and Alan cultures updated with new names, name linkings and patronymics
– Fixes to the County of Melgueil
– Ingeborg Magnusdotter now has the correct gender
– Sartag Khan now converts to Nestorianism instead of Orthodoxy
– Corrections to the religion of several Zirid characters
– A few Catalan name fixes
– Changes and additions to the Godwin dynasty
– Fixed a bug with Primogeniture when tracing back through the current holder’s mother
– Fixed a very rare crash with Holdings with no holder
– Fixed an issue with inheritance by landless characters when there was no de jure vassal title they could take off the previous holder
– Diplo AI: Much more careful about imprisonments
– Imprisoning characters no longer affects their position in the line of succession
– Fixed a bug with the event pictures on Mac and Linux
– Added blinded trait to historically blind characters in the database
– Added missing space to Armenian dynasty prefix and Irish male patronym
– Byzantine, Armenian and Georgian character fixes and additions
– Fixed wrong liege for Duchy of Champagne and County of Gevaudan at certain dates
– Welsh/Hiberno-Norse Dublin character fixes and additions
– New dynasty for the Kurdish Shaddadids, extended Mirdasid pedigree
– On player agreement, the game now sends information to the Paradox backend when you start a game, containing the names of the DLCs and Mods you run (can be toggled with “dont_track_data = [yes/no]” in settings.txt)
– AI: The leader of a claimant faction will no longer leave the faction in an elective realm where the claimant is currently the heir
– AI: Fixed a slight bug where current heirs would not back claimant factions for themselves
– Spymaster Scheme job has been overhauled and simplified
– AI: Fixed an issue with the number of available galleys check
– Fixed an issue with part of the de jure drift mechanic not being cleared on resign

– The criterion for determining who can lead troops is now determined by the allow trigger for ‘job_marshal’ (so women can now be modded to lead armies)
– Added trigger ‘is_adult’
– Added trigger ‘is_marriage_adult’

2012-10-22: v1.07b

– Fixed an issue with broken portraits and other graphics on certain older graphics cards
– Fixed a bug with Claimant Faction wars becoming invalid in Elective Realms
– Fixed a bug where various Dynasty variables would not be correctly reset on resign, which could even cause crashes
– Fixed the initial tech levels in the Nestorian and Miaphysite provinces
– Fixed a crash bug in the religion view that could happen when your ruler’s religion changed
– Fixed a bug with Gavelkind succession in Empires where the holder also had many kingdoms
– Fixed an issue where you could become independent by joining an independence faction war in another realm
– Kurds now have access to the Persian cultural building
– William the Conquerer no longer set as mother of three Breton characters
– Fixed the history for c_aprutium
– Fixed deathdate of character 161537
– Fixes/additions to the Strathearn dynasty
– Fixes to the counts of Malta
– Fixed broken de Mello dynasty
– Various additions/fixes to several English dynasties
– Various additions/fixes to several German dynasties
– Renamed duplicate Onega province
– Added rulers to various Eastern pagan provinces
– Spymaster can now use Scheme in provinces belonging to your liege’s other vassals
– Fixed hunting event to correctly apply to barons
– Fixed an ugly “invalidated war” message showing messy trigger conditions
– No longer possible to start or join Factions while in revolt against your current liege
– Fixed an issue where a vassal revolt war could sometimes invalidate on mostly unrelated other revolts in the same realm
– Fixed a glitch with the tooltip on the “Start a Faction” button
– No longer allowed to start claimant factions for female claimants against Agnatic law titles
– Fixed an issue with Protected Inheritance
– Reduced size of all event pictures by 25% at no loss of quality
– Muslim Jihads no longer possible before 1187
– The title is now displayed correctly for Russian Grand Princesses
– Some changes to the religious setup in the Levant

2012-10-16: v1.07

– Faction System
– Characters can have both a Plot and an Ambition
– Retinue System support for the Legacy of Rome DLC
– Orthodox and related religions have Autocephalous Patriarchs and the Pentarchy
– Rebalanced Combat, with more focus on leaders and their traits. More leader traits.
– Liege levies. You only raise levies from your direct vassals, and they are not directly connected to Holdings.
– A number of self improvement Ambitions for characters
– New religions: Miaphysite, Nestorian, Monothelite
– Two new Bookmarks: The Alexiad and The Latin Empire
– AI: Improved military AI
– Major speed optimizations
– Greatly reduced graphics memory load
– Plugged some memory leaks
– New events for characters with the lunatic trait
– Spymaster’s Discover Plots job has been renamed to Scheme, and now also affects faction membership
– New icons added to all decisions

– Launcher now remembers DLC and Mod settings
– Very large savegames can now be sent to clients in multiplayer
– Now always allowed to move capital back to the traditional capital of your primary title (even if you’ve moved capital once already)
– You now always need at least two kingdom titles to create an Empire
– Fixed several bugs with Gavelkind and Primogeniture succession
– Fixed some issues with the Supply Limit and attrition rules
– It’s no longer possible to place councillors in grayed out provinces
– Many, many changes and fixes to the history database
– Character View: Selecting an ambition now auto-updates the window
– Added ticking war score to Claim All wars
– Made the Seljuks pre-mobilized in 1066, like the English contenders
– Added portrait tooltip about a character’s religious head
– Added code for locking Constantinople to the Emperor better
– Adjusted the colors of some duchies and kingdoms, mainly in Eastern Anatolia
– Fixed the ship unit position in Lake Mälaren
– Added “Foreign Conqueror” opinion modifier
– Ormond is no longer a republic
– Improved some trigger and event target tooltips
– Fixed some issues with the “change succession law” CBs against secondary kingdoms
– No longer allowed to press Muslim women’s claims against anyone
– No longer allowed to press other women’s claims on _any_ titles against a ruler with Agnatic succession
– Fixed a problem with law triggers in decisions
– All casus belli event effects are now also initialized properly, so they can refer to laws
– Characters in feudal realms will not flee to republics or theocracies when exiled
– In republics, courtiers who are heirs to foreign titles can no longer be elected
– Gave William the Conqueror three more castles at game start and adjusted the initial armies of all three contenders
– The liege is now imprisoned when losing his or her primary title in a claimant war
– When creating a new higher tier title in the game, your current laws will be copied (if it’s not Duke-to-King)
– When creating a new higher tier title that has never had a holder before, its holder history will be copied from your current title
– Plot View: Fixed an issue where Vassal Decisions could be listed twice
– Plot View: Fixed a bug with the tooltip on the Start Plot button
– Fixed the tooltip for effects ‘remove_title’
– Fixed the tooltip for effects ‘give_job_title’
– Fixed some bugs with the ‘spawn_unit’ tooltip
– Portraits: All characters are now bald if they wear the chain mail hood
– 1066: Adjusted the traits of the main Saxon lords to like Eadgar the Aetheling a lot
– The end game screen now shows the correct Komnenos dynasty shield
– Added proper claims and ruler history for Tostig Godwinson
– The loser in an invasion CB is now imprisoned by the winner if he becomes a vassal of the winner
– Made the Varangian Guard better
– Added tooltips to the Flank Leader selection view
– Fixed a bug where children of Western ethnicity would not look it if of another culture
– Fixed some bugs with graphical culture type of characters not correctly falling back to Western
– The Golden Horde now receives slightly fewer reinforcements in the second event
– Fixed a bug with the opinion penalty for destroying a title
– Combat events no longer happens the first few days anymore
– The Ambitions to have a son or daughter now increases fertility
– Tweaked fertility effect on impregnation
– Religious wars and Jihads/Crusades now reduce the Decadence for all successful participating Muslims
– Tweaked some default message priorities
– You now only get a Weak Claim on titles that have been revoked
– You are no longer allowed to usurp titles from others in the same realm unless you have a Strong Claim
– Fixed a bug where you could ask to join the wars of your liege’s enemies
– Muslim Invasion CB outcomes now also affect Decadence
– Fixed a bug with the “Weaken Fellow Vassal” Plot, where the target could go independent when losing his last Duchy
– Fixed an assymmetric hostility issue vs revolters of an ally of someone you’re attacking
– The “No Ambition” alert should no longer appear if there are no valid ambitions to pick
– Fixed a bug with white text showing in some event windows
– Fixed a bug where the AI could ask to educate children of vassals who were actually ’employed’ by the vassal’s Spouse
– Fixed a bug in the portrait tooltip, where it did not always list the highest title a character was heir to
– Fixed some issues with the wrong event frame being shown for some Knights of St John events- A liege no longers retains any imprison or revoke title reasons against rebel vassals when losing a civil war
– Decadence revolts now only disband the earmarked regiments when they end- Fixed a bug making Holy Orders theocracies
– Added missing clergy clothes for other graphical cultures
– Fixed a bug with dead character portraits not looking correct when loading save games
– Many new CoAs, courtesy of Txini
– Fixed some glitches with the inheritance of Councillors
– Fixed a rare bug with wars ending “inconclusively” just before they ended normally
– Added more war invalidation explanations to the message
– Slightly toned down the size of Decadence revolters
– Pressing the claim of a dynasty member will now always vassalize him or her if possible
– Fixed a bug with the tooltip for normal AND triggers
– Titles are now also considered contested if a title de facto above them is contested
– Tweaked Title Creation and Usurpation tooltips
– Fixed a bug where revolters could remain in an ongoing uprising even after no longer being part of the realm
– Crushing a major revolt now gives all direct vassal rulers a +25 opinion modifier of you for 10 years
– When you White Peace revolters, they now get a ‘Spared after Rebellion’ opinion modifier of you, +25 for 10 years
– Fixed a bug where a legitimized bastard would hate the parent for doing it
– The Mongol reinforcements no longer arrive if the Horde has already been completely defeated
– Fixed some issues with characters getting opinion modifiers of themselves
– Added beard portrait scripts
– Added missing string about not being able to revoke the last Temple Holding off your own religious head
– Fixed two bugs with landless Mongols not declaring war
– Claimant Wars: if the claimant is a bishop or mayor, those titles are now lost on success
– Wars over titles are now more likely to give the title capital to the claimant
– No longer possible to declare depose liege, or claimant wars on liege while the liege or above is himself in revolt
– Fixed a bug where vassals could nominate successors for secondary duchies or below
– Made the basic “Recently Conquered” tax penalty more severe, so it cannot be offset by tech, etc
– A ward who is at war with his or her guardian now automatically returns home
– Fixed an issue with the automatic removal of inappropriate scripted traits from underage historical characters
– Independent kingdoms with a king that controls their entire de jure area can now break out of de jure empires
– No longer possible to employ Holy Orders while excommunicated
– Fixed a bug with the tooltips for triggers ‘lower_tier_than’ and ‘higher_tier_than’
– You no longer pay maintenance for Holy Orders if you’re in a justified war, even if you’re also in another type of war
– Fixed an issue where you could not grant titles to vassals which you could not formally create
– Gave most mercs and holy orders a base culture
– Ensured that merc and holy order leaders are always of the right culture and religion
– Slowed down event ‘39500’ which automatically converts counties to Islam
– Fixed a bug where you could move your capital again after a reload
– Fixed a bug where a landed spouse who is the councillor of another ruler would not give you that attribute bonus
– The Excommunicate diplo action is no longer shown for excommunicated characters
– Fixed an issue with granting titles including lower not fully working if the target becomes independent from you through the action
– Blocked Agnatic-Cognatic succession for Hordes
– Horde type culture rulers cannot have Cognatic or True Cognatic succession laws
– Improved kingdom division on inheritance kingdom split
– Fixed a bug with characters not knowing of their own plots
– Fixed a bug with the de facto liege of titles after revocation
– Fixed a bug with the succession bethrothal icon not showing
– Fixed a bug allowing you to assign too many wards to a guardian
– Boosted the effect of the Chancellor’s Improve Diplomatic Relations job
– Corrected many spelling mistakes
– Added a notification event when a character is killed in battle
– Both sides in a siege now see the effects of triggered siege events
– The event where a vassal offers guardianship now shows which child will become the vassal’s ward
– Fixes to the Christian and Muslim tournaments
– Famous Muslims who join your court now have dynasties and improved stats
– Scottish names are now English instead of Gaelic, whereas before they were a mixture of both
– Russian duchies are now called grand principalities, and their rulers are referred to as grand princes
– Fixed the event where the Hashshashin go after the Mongol leader
– Revised Combat tooltips
– Muslim Heavy cavalry now use CoA colors on their flags rather than the christian flag
– Revised cultural building modifiers
– Added a global supply limit modifier that increases with tech
– Ruler Designer now handles culture different from ethnicity
– Loading screens and flags now look a bit better
– Fixed issue with special characters in find title box
– Flanks will now pick tactics even if they have no leader
– You are no longer allowed to build in settlements held by someout outside your realm or by someone you are at war with
– Fixed some trigger tooltips that looked bad
– Added the winners of the AAR contest as characters in the game
– AI: Smarter about heir nomination when having multiple kingdoms (to keep them together)
– AI: Fixed bug with silly Muslim handing out of titles
– AI: Baron tier and landless characters now get a complete AI when they have raised units on the map
– AI: Fixed an issue where it could spam a player asking to become a vassal
– AI: Holy Orders should no longer run off to help others if they are already “hired”
– AI: Will always accept guardians for childen offered by the Regent (and won’t have them replaced on its own)
– AI: Improved passing of demesne laws
– AI: Should now want to revoke a Castle Holding when the primary holding in a County is NOT a Castle
– AI: Prevented some stupid placing of the Chancellor to fabricate claims
– AI: Vassals will no longer spontaneously declare war on their liege to depose him or take a title off him (these things are now faction based.) The only time they might declare war on their own is to create a succession crisis.
– AI: Improved handing out of counties if it’s over the demesne limit
– AI: Will now execute “vassal decisions” (like blinding and castrating prisoners)
– AI: Will now switch Guardian for children if appropriate (wrong religion or culture)
– AI: Will not disband free galleys (from event effects)
– AI: Fixed some bugs with turning betrothals into marriages
– AI: More careful with title usurpation and the cost in gold
– Diplo AI: Fixed a bug with “divine blood” marriage calculation
– Diplo AI: Does not care about Matrilineal marriage factors if both parties are from the same dynasty
– Diplo AI: Children in other realms will now still accept education offers from their own parents
– Diplo AI: Fixed a bug with borked marriage proposals and spamming
– Diplo AI: Less aggressive about revoking titles (requires a worse opinion or religious enmity)
– Diplo AI: Will now break betrothals that won’t be accepted anymore
– Diplo AI: will not revoke titles while under a regency
– Diplo AI: Early surrender now possible with Muslim invasion CBs. Defender more stubborn.

– IMPORTANT: Added ‘inherit_chance’ to traits, replacing ‘congenital’
– The ‘replace_path’ bug is now fixed for real
– Added ‘effect’ character history command. It’s like an event option that’s run for the character at game start.
– Fixed a bug with ‘immortal’ traits and sex appeal
– Added trigger ‘leads_faction’
– Added trigger ‘faction_power’
– Added trigger and effect ‘any_faction_backer’
– Added trigger ‘completely_controls = [title]’ (I or my vassals hold everything in it)
– Added trigger ‘revolt_distance’
– The ‘ai_will_do’ clause in Decisions is no longer binary (the value determines the MTTH)
– Fixed an issue with law triggers in the ‘ai_will_do’ field of decisions
– Added trigger ‘in_faction’
– Added trigger ‘war_title’
– Added trigger ‘defending_against_claimant’
– Added event targets ‘supported_claimant’ and ‘supported_claimant_title’
– Added ‘set_parent_religion’ effect
– Can now create Lowborn characters with the ‘create_character’ effect
– Fixed a bug with scripted attributes in the ‘create_character’ effect
– Fixed a bug in the ‘conquest_culture’ trigger
– Added ‘is_conquered’ trigger
– Added event targets ‘heir_under_seniority_law’ and ‘heir_under_primogeniture_law’
– Added trigger ‘any_claimant’
– Added ‘from_potential’ trigger to decisions (vassal and dynasty decisions only)
– Added event effect ‘add_spouse_matrilineal’
– Added ‘opinion_diff’ trigger
– The event targets ‘owner’ and ‘holder_scope’ are now the same and work on both titles and provinces
– Added event effect ‘copy_title_history’
– Added event effect ‘copy_title_laws’
– Fixed a bug with trigger ‘is_landed = no’
– Fixed a bug in the effect ‘spawn_unit’ with the ‘match’ argument
– Can now set a specific leader in the effect ‘spawn_unit’
– Fixed a bug in trigger ‘de_jure_liege_or_above’
– Fixed a bug in trigger ‘de_jure_vassal_or_below’
– Fixed some bugs with the ‘set_name’ effect
– The ‘set_name’ effect can now change the name of titles
– Added ‘capital’ effect
– Added ‘province_capital’ effect
– Added effect ‘participation_scaled_decadence’
– Added trigger ‘num_of_faction_backers’
– Added trigger ‘race’
– Added trigger ‘graphical_culture’
– Fixed a bug with event name spaces not working in ‘events’ fields in On Actions
– Fixed a bug with event name spaces not working in ‘events’ fields in Job Actions
– Added ‘divine_blood’ marriage opinion modifiers
– Added more gradual Attrition Defines
– Added ‘secondary_graphical_culture’ to cultures and culture groups (a fallback option, when not having certain DLCs)
– Added trigger ‘has_earmarked_regiments’
– Added ‘earmark’ argument to the ‘spawn_unit’ event effect
– The ‘disband_event_forces’ effect now takes an earmark argument
– Added trigger ‘diplomatic_immunity’
– Added effect ‘diplomatic_immunity’
– Exported AGE_OF_MARRIAGE to defines
– Ported the last old defines to lua
– Added SeaZone province text promotion
– Added PrevPrev text promotion
– Added trigger ‘is_tribal_type_title’
– Added trigger ‘has_horde_culture’

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