1000 Amps Update Released

1000 Amps 2.0 Update: Free On Windows, Beta on Mac OSX

Version 2.0 of 1000 Amps is a very large update that involved the re-coding of the entire game in C++. The immediate advantages of that was to allow fullscreen that didn’t run in auto-max resolution, have saves that weren’t left to the whims of a web browser, and allow for standard Steam features like the overlay and achievements.

All of these things have been added, and then some. Here’s a complete

-Auto-saving (was in v1.3, but I think it’s worth mentioning) -Teleport now saps ‘flow’ tiles -Minor room corrections -Each room has a name, displayed on the bottom left of the screen -In-Game Mini-Map (can be enabled from pause menu) -Full pause map, shows you what rooms you’ve completed at a glance -Battery now shows how many tiles remain to be lit -Completely new look for text elements in the HUD
-4:3 Aspect Ratio
-Steam Overlay
-Steam Achievements (10 of them)

I may have forgot some little things, but that’s the bulk of it. Here are some extra things to keep in mind about the update:

-Saves from the Flash version will not carry over. That’s just the way it has to be, and it’ll make it easy to go back through and get achievements.
-The graphics having changed from vector to raster, as well as a change of rendering method, results in the game using some parts of your computer that it didn’t before. If you’ve got a graphics card, you’ll probably get better performance, which wasn’t necessarily the case with the Flash version.
-If for whatever reason you don’t like any of this, the Flash version is still there with the Windows version. You should be able to find it in your Steamapps/common/1000 Amps folder labeled ‘1000AmpsFlash.exe’.

The update is now available for free to everyone who has already bought
1000 Amps on Windows. On OSX it is available for free in Beta because of compatibility issues with OSX 10.7.5 Mountain Lion. To access the Beta right click 1000 Amps in your game library, click properties, then the betas tab, and from the dropdown box select beta. The password for the beta is ‘beta’. This will download the 2.0 update for you. It should work on pre-Mountain Lion versions of OSX. Until all versions of OSX works, the default for OSX will be the Flash version 1.3 of 1000 Amps.

I do hope that covers all the bases. I’ve tried my best to respond to some of the most common criticisms of the game, and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it more as a result.

-Brandon Brizzi

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