Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Product Update

Halloween Special
The nightmare isn’t over! For Halloween, Black Forest Games revisits one of the levels from Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams. Based on the Enchanted Mountain Path level, this version brings new challenges in an exclusive night setting surrounded by spooky pumpkins and a ghost invasion.
You can select this level under “Extras� in the main menu. Enjoy – it’s free!

Patch Notes for Version 1.0.1

– More code optimizations for smoother frame rates.
– Removed and/or altered final boss attacks that could trap you or catch you by surprise. Shield gem now spawns after phase 2 instead of after phase 1.
– More checkpoints!
– Miscellaneous level tweaks.
– Trampolines now have more lenient timing.

– Updated music and sound effects.

Bug Fixes
– Alt-tabbing should no longer cause any issues.
– Dashing into an enemy and rebounding into another should no longer get you killed except in some rare cases.
– Missing screen resolutions for certain refresh rates have been fixed.
– Game no longer crashes if you have no sound card or deactivate it.
– The idle animation can now also be canceled with a crouch as intended.
– Jumping on owls in Score Attack now gives you points as it should.
– Dashing at turtles should now be easier.
– Bricks now always shatter if you dash through them.
– Some erroneous EN text in non-EN languages has been fixed.
– Miscellaneous small fixes to the launcher.

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