Endless Space Update Released


– Separated the visual affinity from the gameplay affinity. [G2G vote]
– For instance, you can now customize your own faction with the gameplay of the Cravers and the art of the Amoeba.
– Added the “System Population Balancing” in the Galaxy’s advanced options. Ranges from “Random” to “Perfect”. For “Perfect”, constellations with homeworlds now possess the same number of systems (with a maximum difference of 1 system).
– Added a panel for the Empire wide factors in the Empire view.
– Added a disclaimer when entering the Mods section for the first time.
– Changed the faction colors to differentiate the shades of green.
– Added Polish language.
– Added the possibility to load custom 3D models and textures for planet and ship modding.
– Changed the compatibility system of the save files.
– Added the soundtrack directory for Mac users in ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/ SteamApps/ common/Endless Space/

– Added the Automatons faction with a specific gameplay affinity and properties for specific buildings, according to Panzer, the winner of the faction contest.
– Automatons Affinity:
1. At the end of the turn, if there is an overproduction, it’s stacked instead of being reported.
2. At the beginning of a turn, an interest is applied to the stacked industry, allowing it to increase a bit.
3. The stacked industry is capped at 5 * system’s industry.
4. If the overproduction cannot be stacked, it’s conserved for the next turn like the current mechanism.
5. When the automatons build improvements ships, the industry is used in the following order:
a. system’s industry
b. overproduction
c. stacked industry
6. When a system from the Automatons is invaded, the stacked industry is destroyed, reset to 0 even if the invader is an Automaton.
– Added Automatons unique tech icons.
– Added a gauge bar for the stacked industry of each system in the Empire view.
– Added the stacked industry value on tooltip of each system in the Galaxy view.
– Placed the Automatons’ overproduction stack in the Development bar (in System view).
– Added the Automatons’ portrait, diplomacy hologram and loading screen. Automatons will use Cravers’ ships 3D models.

– Added a trade routes summary panel in the Empire view.
– Added the possibility to directly click on a trade route’s origin system in the trade routes panel, to enter this system’s view.
– Added a trade routes panel link on the System view.
– Added several tooltips for the trade routes panel.

– Added several AIPrerequisites from the community mod (by Ail, Grubsnik and Davea), globally improving AI when building star system improvements.
– Improved the tax rate management for the AI.
– Improved the formula that computes the response given by an AI to an alliance request.
– Changed the formula for trading a technology with the AI. Before, the price was related to the most wanted technology, now, it is related to the most expensive technology available.

– Added arrows to switch from a hero to another in the Inspection view.
– Added arrows to switch from a hero to another in the Academy.
– When recruiting a hero, he is now automatically selected in the active tab.
– Added an “Accept” button when assigning new abilities to a hero and the possibility to click on a selected ability to remove it before validating the final choice.
– Added empty slots to show how many heroes can still be recruited in the Academy.
– Added a tooltip to heroes’ attributes to show what effect they have.
– Added a visual hero identifier in the Academy, to determine if a hero is in a system, a fleet or unassigned.

– Updated the alliance management system.
– When offering a treaty with someone outside of an alliance, a request is sent to allies. They can now either:
1. Accept the treaty
2. Decide to leave the alliance.
– Added a tendency panel for diplomatic negotiations. Shows how an ally AI will likely respond to a treaty you offer to someone outside the alliance. Human players will always respond “Undecided”.

– Changed the upkeep formula (cost 1 per CP — cost 0.4*CP max per CP).
– Reduced the deflectors’ evolution in stats, they were too efficient in late game: (3,5,8,11,14,20,25,30,36,45 = 2,4,7,10,13,17,22,27,33,39)
– Increased the hulls’ HP to increase the probability to reach the melee phase: (small:300, medium:600,large:1200 = small:450, medium:1200, large:3000)
– Increased the cost of tonnage and repair modules’ industry cost as well as modules related to strategic resources (to reward abundance).
– Reduced the Hissho’s Bushido (20% on FIDS = 15% on FID).
– Increased the length of the Bushido but without the reset after an invasion (15 turns WITH reset = 45 turns WITHOUT reset after an invasion).
– Changed the Revenge trait’s condition of activation (activated whenever a lost system was re-invaded by the player = will only activate during invasion if the lost system was previously owned at 100%).
– Changed the length of the different Cooperation Agreement steps (0/15/30 = 0/10/15).
– Reduced the AI bonus on weapons, defense and buyout to balance the difficulty. AI has been heavily improved and therefore needs less powerful bonuses.
– Balanced armor and repair module regarding the new HP’s of the ships.

– Fixed an issue where trying to display the “end of auto exploreâ€� alert message after destroying the corresponding fleet provoked a NullReferenceException.
– Fixed an issue where displaying the trade routes panel without trade routes provoked a NullReferenceException.
– Fixed an issue where global random events were not synchronized for all players.
– Fixed an issue where the AI was using obsolete ship template designs.
– Fixed an issue where the AI didn’t use tonnage modules, resulting in partially empty ships.
– Fixed an issue where the number of turns, before a peace treaty was made available, was not saved. The peace treaty was then automatically available after loading a game.
– Fixed an issue where the interception module still intercepted attacks even when the defense module had 0 in interception.
– Fixed an issue where the game would hang when loading a game without available ship designs.

– Fixed an issue where Pilgrims’ fleet errant wasn’t concerned by faction traits that improve ships HP.
– Fixed an issue where the scroll bar would overlap with the resources in the diplomatic negotiations screen.
– Fixed application of approval bonus on improvement using percent.
– Fixed an issue where loading a saved game could remove contracts for many empires.
– Fixed an issue where creating an alliance did not spread the cease fire status across the allied factions.
– Fixed an issue where the beginning of a cease fire wasn’t synchronized for all allies.
– Fixed an issue where infinite improvements in the queue could prevent using over production stacking.
– Fixed an issue where after invading a system with infinite improvement buildings, the modifier stayed active until the end of the game.
– Fixed an issue where diplomatic status resolution wasn’t correctly done in an alliance vs alliance situation.
– Fixed an issue where the worst diplomatic status wasn’t correctly spread when one of the 2 allies didn’t know the third empire.
– Fixed an issue where the AI lost use of some of its fleets, leaving them unattended in a system.
– Fixed an issue with the AI parameters (for instance, the result of 3/2 was counted as 1,500 instead of 1.5).
– Fixed an issue related to the Sower’s personnality.
– Fixed an issue which caused the AI building nothing in a system.
– Fixed an issue which forbade the AI to build food improvement when its food surplus was negative.
– Fixed several GUI issues.
– Fixed several localization issues.
– Fixed several text issues.

– Fixed an issue where random events were missing.

– Fixed an issue where the galaxy generation for a new game was significantly slower.
All the version notes since the alpha version can be found at:

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