Tryst Product Update

General Fixes:

Fixed an issue with team chat where messages were being displayed to all players
Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when units attempted to capture certain points
Fixed the bug where Alt+Tab or Alt+Enter would set all subsequent mouse clicks to a ‘flare’
Fixed an issue where the mouse wouldn’t re-recognize the game screen after selecting items outside of it (especially, in multi monitor setups)
Fixed certain text overlap issues in different screens
Fixed a crash for humans where right clicking on a destroyed structure would cause the game to crash
Fixed multiple tabs remaining highlighted in the Help Screen after switching to other screens
Fixed an issue where the Engineer would auto-repair an un-constructed building only to where it had topped being constructed. Now the building must first finish construction before it can be repaired.
Help and Options screen’s tab buttons adjusted to be more precise
Added a feature where you can send a private chat message/whisper to a player in the lobby by right-cicking on their name
All team-mates will now receive a message when one ally donates resources to another
Creating Supply Depots and Spirit Catchers will not trigger the ‘Population Maximized’ audio file
The Fog-of-War has been optimized
A game host can no longer change the Race, Player-color or Team of other players in the same game
Added a loading image when creating or joining a game
Added Zali unit avatars and added a few for the humans and other miscellaneous units that were missing animated avatars
Fixed an issue with the Harvester where it would loop between healing and harvesting
A few Icons that were showing up wrong have been changed/altered
Updated Building and Unit descriptions
Added Buff/Debuff duration to icon mouseovers

Design Balance Changes:

Zali Ability Changes:
Removed Preservation Tier 2 Turret Health Increase and replaced it with an ability for the Spine called Chrono-Warp.
Removed Global Turret Detection from Silence Tier 2 and moved it to Preservation Tier 1. Replaced the missing Silence ability with ‘Fly Trap’.

Can now consume its drones (Savior and Knitter)
The Mesh Knitter Drone ability has been moved to Tier 2 in the same Path.
New Ability – Chrono-Warp: Increases the speed of all nearby allies by 5 for 5 seconds.

Increased the Damage of Eviscerate by 25

Decreased the Splash increase of Explosive Vyl from 2 tiles to 1 tile

All Zali Turrets:
Decreased the LoS Attack Range increase upgrade available in Silence at Tier 3 from +15 each to +6 each

Kobaloi Turret:
New Ability – Fly Trap: Slow all nearby enemies by 3 for 5 seconds, when activated.

Zali Temples:
Fixed an issue where no Over-Time effects applied to the Shrines (at all levels). Corrosive effects now apply to them.

Increased Battle Fervor’s crit. chance increase from 35% to 40% for the duration of the ability

Nanobot Repair heal amount increased from 50 over 5 seconds to 75 over 5 seconds

Increased Electrified Beams’s slow amount from 1.5 to 2

The Flamethrower upgrade now applies to all ground based units (including buildings). Added adjusted its stacking in the case of multiple Flamethrowers being used.

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