ThreadSpace: Hyperbol Update Released

Features Added
• After 5 years of war, technology has improved and Production Stations are now built into your ship.
• Camera control has been revamped and is much simpler and easier to control. Check the tutorials for more info.
• Wide-screen support has been added.
• You can now record games and play them back – there is a new Recordings menu to support this. Fast forward, rewind,pause and slow motion are all supported in recordings.
• The opening cinematics have been upgraded to 720p.
• Dedicated Servers no longer need to register with the web service in order to become official. All servers now earn stats and credits and experience points, even those with custom game types or mods.
• Maps no longer need to be approved in order to earn credits or exp. All custom maps can be used on all servers. The map registration program is closed.
• Objects that are being recycled have a much more visible effect. This new effect also uses up less Bandwidth and respects the ‘high/low’ detail SFX graphics setting.
• ‘RestartMap’ console command for admins or those with RCON to restart the level instead of always having to go to the next level. This could be useful for tournament type servers once all players are ready.
• Pressing your deploy button immediately after firing a deployable (shockwave for example) should now result in the deployable being correctly deployed even if your client doesn’t yet have the projectile due to lag. This only occurs if it’s the only deployable in play (ie, it would have been activated next anyway).
• There is now a “Recycle Everything” command. It’s CTRL recycle. (CTRL-R by default)
• AI bots will no longer ignore shockwaved incoming projectiles (such as reflected hyperbols) when deciding whether to defend themselves.
• AI bots now check that friendlies are not in the line of fire before firing each shot instead of only when initially selecting a target to fight with.
• The tutorials have been changed to reflect the change in game types.
• There is a new game type – Co-op mode! In co-op mode, humans are on one side versus AI Bots on the other. Credits and experience are earned for Co-op games, so it’s a good way for new players to fight alongside pros instead of against them.
• The network code has been tightened in several ways – overall bandwidth usage is down, especially for cluster bombs and certain explosive effects.
• Rendering code is optimized in maps with many bonus zones.
• New ‘FFWD’ console command – for single player or botmatches only. Causes the game to run at 8x speed. Good for testing map objective scripts or watching bots fight.
• Bots now have full pathfinding ability. This only works on maps that have had AI pathfinding nodes authored for them. See the wiki on how to author the necessary stuff for your maps. Most official maps already have this pathfinding information, and its fairly quick to author for custom maps. Bots will still function without it.
• Maps do a more precise compilation of collision, so that they don’t miss any edges.
• The game now correctly publishes server information to Steam (if that option is enabled), so that they show up in the steam servers list and can be joined on friends.
• The map editor now has a basic auto-complete connection assistant when authoring logic blocks, use the middle mouse button.
• The audio system has been rewritten to use OpenAL. This leads to lower cost audio with better-sounding doppler effects.
• The skirmish screen (bot-match) has been updated
• There are now indicators on the edge of the screen to indicate where enemies and friendlies are in relation to yourself.

Bugs Fixed
• The delay for people being removed from their team for idling has been fixed – it should no longer eject people before they have elected not to surface for a couple minutes (AFK detection, basically)
• EMP’d disruptors, attractors and repulsors no longer reveal stealth.
• Many through-wall shooting exploits have been fixed. This includes regular shooting while moving, as well as scatterpacks.
• A physics glitch being used to randomly teleport has been fixed.
• Walls now link up through force wall boundaries as appropriate
• Splash damage now passes through force wall boundaries as appropriate.
• Anti-Deploy point defense system no longer activates after player death.
• TCP Console port crash fixed
• Mining facility had a bug in the surface beacon logic
• Lives should no longer overflow in rare cases in deathmatch games
• Non-functional mute icons removed from end-game summary screen
• “Exploding” player ships no longer trigger radius sensors
• “Exploding” player ships no longer trigger capture of beacons.
• “Exploding” player ships no longer use Defense Form while exploding
• Servers which you CAN join are no longer highlighted red (even if they are above your skill range). This was causing people to assume it was impossible to join these servers, without trying.
• AI bots will no longer attempt to shockwave deployed hyperplasms away instead of more important immediate threats
• When manually compiling a map’s collision via console, the program will no longer save and quit automatically when it reaches high confidence levels. This lets you compile it yourself if you have a very strange map layout.

Balance Changes
• Pulse Cannon beam attenuation added. Beam damage will diminish slightly the further the beam gets.
• Pulse Cannon ammo recharges at a slightly slower rate
• Repair Drone launch speed reduced
• Repair Drone now decays over time if not being used in the field
• Singularities will now consume disruptors more easily that enter their area
• Singularities will shrink if they are overlapping a ship
• Cluster Wedge build speed increased
• Cluster Wedge capacity decreased
• Cluster Wedge damage slightly decreased
• Upgraded Rocket capacity and damage increased
• Disruptor health increased

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