Sleeping Dogs Update Released

Sleeping Dogs version 1.3 update tonight!
In anticipation of the European launch of Sleeping Dogs and in response to some of the feedback generated by the PC gamers on the forum we’ve prepared a patch that aims to improve some PC-specific features as well as fix some bugs that have been reported by the community. The full list of changes is below:

Improvements Bug Fixes
• Fixed several bugs where NPCs would not path through doors properly – this corrects the issue where Naz stops running in the first mission of the game
• Added HD Textures for UI screens (only available with the free HD Texture Pack DLC installed)
• Improvements made to reduce the frequency of erroneous “don’t lose your target� warnings in missions where you are chasing an NPC
• Significant improvements to mouse support on various options screens
• New Keyboard/Mouse option which makes the keyboard mouse the only input devices even if a controller is connected
• Several minor text bugs corrected
• Fixed an issue where mouse clicks would sometimes be ignored in the UI
• Fixed the keyboard and mouse camera controls in the Phone Tracing minigame

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