Age of Empires Online Product Update Released

Age of Empires Online: Anniversary Update 8/14/2012

Major Features
Now Available: Babylon Pro Civilization
Command the masters of Mesopotamia in this new Pro Civilization.

Now Available: The Fertile Crescent Booster
Looking for more quests? The Fertile Crescent Booster offers 30 all-new quests for level 20 cities and beyond.

Now Available: Empire Vault
Need more space? Find yourself constantly mailing items to your other civs? This is the feature you need. Release your inner hoarder!

Now Available: Rename your Capital
Ever made a poor decision that you wish you could reverse, but couldn’t? Now you can! For a fee.

Now Available: New Empire Consumables
This update features six powerful new Empire Consumables. Destroy your enemies in style with Palintonons of the Empire, Resources of the Empire, Crocodile Rampage and more.

Now Available: Vanity Ticket, Golden Ticket
There is now a chance to get two new, hard to find items: the Vanity Ticket and the Golden Ticket. Turn in the Vanity Ticket for a random piece of Vanity Gear in Vanity Island. Or, if you’re lucky enough to find a Golden Ticket, you can turn it in to Marcus Pollux for a random assortment of level appropriate gear (up to level 30).

Now Available: New Vanity Gear
This update includes four new sets of Vanity Gear! Outfit your units with the Dragon Slayer, Wizard, Lunch Knight, and Pirate sets! Visit Vanity Island today to purchase your own set.

Now Available: New Legendary Items
You asked, we answered. 20 new Legendary items are waiting to be discovered, including Belly Bows, Axes, and Scepters. Find them where you find all of your favorite Legendary items!

New Feature: Milestone Techs
With this new feature, you will now get access to powerful new Milestone techs at levels 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40. Once you pick these Milestones, you can choose one per Civilization to affect your other Civilizations. The more Civilizations you play and level to 40, the more Milestones you’ll get.

New Feature: Spectator Mode for Arena PvP
Like to watch? As Spectator, you have your own UI that lets you see what all players are doing, what resources they have, their build queues, how many idle workers they have, and you can switch between perspectives to see intel. All of these panels can be moved anywhere on the screen. Cast away!

Other Features

• Added support for “Battle Music.”
• Variable item effectiveness. Items you craft or find from treasure will now have small differences in their effectiveness. All items found before this patch will remain unchanged.
• PvP and Skirmish Hall updates
• General quest and repeatable quest improvements
• Lots of UI changes
• Lots of Champion Mode PvP balance changes
• Lots of bug fixes

See the full patch notes for details:

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