Spiral Knights Update Released

Updates to Spiral Knights have been released. The major changes include:

Danger Mission – Legion of Almire
As an honorary member of Desna’s elite Recon Rangers squad, fight your way through a horde of Almirian undead to reach the inner sanctum of their necropolis, which is rumored to hold great wealth for those who survive its deadly defenses. Be warned – the cursed Legion of Almire will not give up its hidden riches without a fearsome fight!

Danger Missions, like Legion of Almire are a Prestige Mission. Danger Missions are noted by a red skull icon on the mission card art. A Danger Mission is intended for skilled players as they are much more challenging than an average mission, but have greater rewards upon completion.

Danger Missions will begin appearing in your Prestige Missions at Rank 4-1, or once you have entered Tier 2.

Join the battle in two new Lockdown maps!
– Stadium – Utilize team-only barriers and bombshells for a home field advantage in an arena with plenty of space for large battles.
– Mines – Carve and blast your way through a stone-filled mine. Open up assault paths or leave stones in place to delay the competition.

New monsters have been added that will be first seen in the new Danger Mission, Legion of Almire.
– Bombie – A zombie with a very short fuse and an explosive temper. Don’t let them get near you!
– Almirian Crusader – A powerful undead knight from the cursed kingdom of Almire. They lie encased in ash until intruders get too close…
– Deadnaught – A deadnaught is a giant, undead guardian who wields a great spear and can reanimate zombies, much like a grim totem.

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