Dungeons of Dremor Update Released


CORE: Astrology has been revised to make it a more appealing skill line.
CORE: Fleshsmithing has been re-arranged and re-balanced. New skill
order: Zombyfycation, Knit Tissue, Fleshbore, Meatshield, Corpus Burst, Miasmatic Putrefaction.
CORE: Zombyfycation is now an area-effect spell.
CORE: Tinkering, smithing, alchemy and wand lore have now been extended by one skill point (via crafting, naturally.) You can now gain more exciting, passive bonuses. Everyone loves passive bonuses.
CORE: Wands are generally better. Many effects now scale to your wandcrafting power.
TRAPS: Caltrops added to the game. Why? Because your hatred tastes like the finest chocolate, that’s why.
FIXED: Achievements.
ADDED: More achievements. (They’re probably broken.)
FIXED: Older, Mac OS X based machines with the Radeon x1660 Graphics Card will now run Dredmor correctly. (Also, they’re a lot faster too.)
FIXED: Removed the Mushroom Shuffler. You don’t need to know what this is; just be thankful that we removed it.
FIXED: Wand lore will no longer show up on artifacts.
FIXED: Quest monsters will no longer spawn in walls.
FIXED: Other things will no longer spawn in walls. Mainly, this applies to quest monsters.
FIXED: The random zoo crash. We think.
FIXED: Some issues where shopkeepers will refuse to appear in the right area.
FIXED: Bolt machines. (We’re not sure what we fixed; the notes just say “Bolt Machines.” So that’s fixed.)
FIXED: Crossbows now correctly reduce the # of attacks on attack buffs.
FIXED: The “affectCorpses” flag now works correctly on most spells.
FIXED: Unarmed attacks will now trigger even if you have a crossbow.
ROTDG: Piracy is now significantly more … interesting.
ROTDG: Fixed percentages on “No, Now You Are The Demons”
FIXED: Do not let the user load save games with mods, if they do not have those mods enabled.
FIXED: Booze, food, consume buffs.
FIXED: A Zillion Crash Bugs.
FIXED: Ten Zillion XML Errors. (Thanks to Todd Moon for his excellent XML Validator, which taught us how to repair our own game. Also, how to
FIXED: Dodging a monster attack will no longer trigger an onHit effect (Blobs of Corruption; Hungry and Thirsty Diggles; etc.)
FIXED: Monsters stepping on blink traps will no longer apply the blink curse to the player.
FIXED: Crafting UI will now refresh automatically when you open it.


EXPANSION PACK: You Have To Name the Expansion Pack is released! Enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of Nameable, Free, DLC!

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