Naval War: Arctic Circle Update Released (04-12-2012)

– Fixed: CultureInfo not set when running French version of game causing GUI to fail to initialize.
– Fixed: Scenario names and descriptions that’s not localized will now fallback to English instead of just showing LOCID.

– Fixed: Crash related to missiles targeting aircraft that lands on a base.
– Fixed: Error in hitpoint damage calculations (damage will now be higher)

– Updated: Changed weapon trajectory on ‘AS-4 Kitchen’ missile from sea skimming to high altitude.
– Updated: Increased terminal speed range on ‘AS-4 Kitchen’ missile.
– Updated: Increased minimum weapon range and highest operating height on ‘AS-4 Kitchen’ Missile
– Updated: ‘RIM-67 Standard ER Missile’ can now target surface and also be targeted itself.
– Updated: Increased effective weapon range on ‘RIM-67 Standard ER Missile’
– Added: 2 ‘AIM-9 Sidewinder’ missiles default weapon load in ‘F/A Super Hornet’
– Fixed: Name on ‘Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk’
– Fixed: Name on ‘Pyotr Veliky’

– Added: Keyboard bindings for zooming in satellite map (PageUp and PageDown)

– Fixed: Stopped playing menu music when opening Credits screen from main menu.

– Updated: Upgraded to Unity 3.5.1f for improved memory management.
– Updated: Properly unloaded textures created in memory during runtime.
– Updated: Improved memory management to avoid fragmentation.
– Fixed: Cleared object pools when exiting game to menu.
– Fixed: Stopped trying to re-initialize game when exiting to desktop. Fixes FileNotFoundException reported in output log.

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