MacGuffin’s Curse Update Released

* Fixed bug where you could walk through the main gate in the City Hub, before Judy is there
* Fixed bug where you could walk through a section of the hedge in the second room of Breakin
* Fixed exploit in safe where you could push and interact at the same time to walk onto the same space as the safe
* Fixed the issue where the wolf’s hands would ‘pop’ sometimes after pushing a box
* Force game to 1024×768 window if not appearing at a recognised resolution (fixes issues with video capture at 720p)
* Updated loading screens to have black background instead of blue, no big deal, but if anyone should happen to see past the background it will be fine
* Fixed fade screen in/out for screens that may not be a true size
* Fixed boss conversations to properly lock off sidebar buttons during the battle
* Added info sign to Restricted Section
* Fixed empty string bug when looking at objects in the first room of the City Hall as the wolf

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