Dungeons of Dredmor Updated


– FIXED: n-dimensional lathe was, in fact, a giant game-crashing exploding bomb
– FIXED: wandcrafting recipes being lost after load/save
– FIXED: crafting tool output not displaying
– FIXED: some crossbows not working [RotDG]
– FIXED: some mittens not working [RotDG]
– FIXED: Axe of Dinglenit was worth 0 zorkmids [RotDG]
– FIXED: Gloriously Regal Belt using description from Bullet Belt
– FIXED: That blasted lever room will only show up once per level. It was getting to be a bit of an issue.
– FIXED: “Cat Ears” helmet was using the wrong art [RotDG]
– FIXED: “Runes” showing up in gem transmutation
– FIXED: Diggle plague just being all kinds of nasty
– FIXED: Chest/helm tooltips switched on character panel
– FIXED: Skills that give primary stats, wouldn’t give the correct stats
– FIXED: Mustache Fighting League room would fill with infinite mustaches
– FIXED: very rarely, scripts would spawn an entire horde of monsters off of the bottom of the map.
– FIXED: tutorials showing up twice
– FIXED: took out more broken tutorials
– FIXED: game crashing at start new game screen on Mac OS X 10.5.8.
– FIXED: Heal-over-Time (HoT) effects being resisted (Fairywodger; Knit Tissue; etc.)
– FIXED: Mysterious portal crashes. [RotDG]
– FIXED: Steam achievements now trigger for expansion skills.
– FIXED: mods will now correctly load rooms.xml and text.xml
– FIXED: last skills in modded-in-skill-tree would crash the game
– FIXED: the amazing exponentially-multiplying Diggle Egg Stacking bug.
– Minor tweaks, balances, etc.
– Corrupted Shrines are now mildly more interesting.
– Better decor on Diggle God Shrines. [RotDG]

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